Bell Schedule FAQs

Beginning in the Fall of 2022, Prospect High School will be changing its bell schedule to abide by Senate Bill 328, which places restrictions on what time schools can start.  Per SB 328, middle schools cannot start before 8am and high schools cannot start before 8:30am.  Therefore, beginning in the Fall of 2022, all California public high school will be implementing this change, if not done so already.  For specific information on SB 328, click here.
Frequently Asked Questions
In addition to the change in start time, you'll notice that Prospect will no longer offer zero period courses, but instead host 7th period classes as an option for students wishing to advance in course work or make up credits.  Below are some frequently asked questions that will help understand the schedule further.
No, your student does not have to take 7 periods. Like 0 period, 7th period is optional and a great way to either advance in your courses or make up credits. If you are interested in taking a 7th period, please make sure to fill out the google change form by Apr 29, 2022.  Please note that 7th period is only on Tuesdays-Fridays; there is no 7th period on Mondays as it is a collaboration day for teachers.
For more information on our course offerings, click here.
7th period is not guaranteed, but we definitely want to know your interest!  Please make sure to fill out the google change form by Apr 29, 2022.  If at the beginning of the year, you’re interested in a 7th period, you’ll need to touch base with your counselor to see if there is any availability.
Unfortunately, due to the minimum number of minutes required by the state of California, Prospect has moved to a 7 period day, like all schools in CUHSD.  For students playing sports at Prospect High School, we will do our best to accommodate. In cases of conflict, counselor can work with the Athletic Director and Coach to support the student in the 7th period class.
Our sports league, Blossom Valley Athletic League (BVAL), is well aware of the shift in all high school start times.  Therefore, games and competitions will be adjusted accordingly.  As for practices, our Athletic Director, Jason Potmesil, is working with coaches to push practice times to meet student class schedules, to the best of our abilities.  However, for next year, if you plan on participating in sports, it is recommended to take only 6 classes.
For next year, 2022-23, Leadership will be the only class being offered during 0 period.  While the start time has not yet been finalized, we are expecting the class to start at approximately 7:30am. Details will be shared out through our Activities Director, Mr. Jacob Headley. If you have questions, feel free to contact him directly at [email protected].
Due to Senate Bill 328, high school's are unable to count any class time (aka instructional minutes) before 8:30am towards the state mandated instructional time requirements.  This new bell schedule, which starts at 8:30am and offers a 7 period day, meets both SB 328 and CA state instructional time requirements.
**Leadership will be the only course offered during 0 period next year. While it will not be counted towards our instructional minutes, students will still receive credits and a grade.
Yes, campus will be open around 7am for students to be dropped off early. There are plenty of outdoor spaces with tables and chairs for students to sit and work.  As for our Library and other indoor common areas, we are working with our associated unions to finalize work schedules.  Once finalized, we will update the community using our communication systems.
CUHSD and Prospect High School have been closely collaborating with SVCTE in order to meet the needs of our students.  Once the bus schedule has been finalized for student drop off and pick up to and from Prospect, we will message out any changes needed using our communication systems, especially in August as we gear up for the beginning of Fall 2022!
The A/B Calendar for 2022-23 school year is in progress. Once finalized, we will post all of our calendars and schedules here. Please check back in July 2022 for updates.
Until then, please click here for the CUHSD approved 2022-23 school year calendar, which list all holidays, minimum days, and breaks.
One of the great aspects of our new bell schedule is that all collaboration days fall on Monday.  Therefore, every Monday will be a shortened day where students will be released early (see Collaboration Schedule). 7th period will not be held on Mondays; 7th period is only Tuesdays-Fridays.
As for minimum days, please click here for the CUHSD approved 2022-23 school year calendar, which list all holidays, minimum days, and breaks.