If your student is COVID positive, please contact our attendance line and leave a message with your student’s full name, grade, and date of positive test result.

For further information, please review our District COVID Guidance for more information.
PHS Attendance

To clear an absence, please utilize one of the options below:

  • 24 Hour Attendance: (408) 558-3068
  • Call Attendance at PHS: (408) 626-3408 x8110 (se habla Espanol)
  • Bring a note to Student Services: Office Hours are 7:30am-3:30pm
Clearing an Absence
All verifications (“clearing “) of absences need to be completed within three days of the date of absence. They can be cleared by phone or in writing (this includes off –grounds passes.)

If your student is sick you can call 408-558-3068 24 hours a day to leave a message; or you can call 408-626-3408 x8110 from 7:30 AM to 3:55 PM; or you send your child with a note.

If your child is out ill for 3 days or more, we will need a doctor’s note in order to have the absences excused.
FAQs about Attendance

If my car breaks down is my student's absence excused? Answer: NO
There used to be Independent Study Contracts for short vacation or trips; do these still exist and is my student excused?Answer: NO All vacations are now unexcused absences and making up work acceptance need to be arranged through the teacher. Please make sure to plan your vacations according to our school calendar. Remember, attendance to school impacts students academics and grades!

Are personal/family issues (i.e. babysitting a sibling, ill family member, emotional family problems) excused? Answer: NO. If there is a family issue that is going to cause your student to miss school, please feel free to call us so that we can discuss ways to support your student.
If a student is late by 30 minutes or more they are considered to be TRUANT for that class period. Any time fewer than 30 minutes will be listed as a LATE. Clearing a student for being late follows the same guidelines as stated above for absences.

If you have a question about whether or not an absences is going to be cleared, please call the Student Service Center at 408-626-3408 x8110.

Below are the codes that will show on SchoolLoop and on Aeries attendance records and what they stand for:

Types of excused absences

A- Unverified
B- School Business
C- Court

D- In-School Suspension

E- Sat Makeup


I- Illness
K- Excused
L- Late Truant
P- Present

Q- Quarantine

R- Religious

S- Suspended

T- Tardy


V- Verified Truant
Y- Ill Child