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Alumni Spotlight: Prospect Students Return as Staff
(from left to right: Ben Gilmore, Rebecca Robinson Gilmore, Erin Hinshaw, Bobby Joe Stewart, and Lisa Nielson)
Prospect High School is truly a special place because you're not just a student, a staff member, or a parent. Prospect is a community... a family.  The experiences we have and the people we share them with is why we love being a Panther!  Here are some highlights from an interview with our former students turned teachers and staff:
"Prospect was always a place where I was comfortable and safe as a young person. We had great teachers and community.  I enjoyed my high school days and made some great friends. I met great coaches who became mentors and great friends in my athletics who I remain friends with  today... It was about being in a place that was safe and everyone was included. Having that feeling has always stuck with me since I teach special education and wanting to make the community and school a place where all students could feel the way I did when I attended Prospect."
- Ms. Bobby Joe Stewart, Special Education Teacher & Department Chair (c/o 1991)
"My favorite Prospect memory was my junior year homecoming football game. We hadn't won our homecoming game in quite a few years, and the team was determined to be the ones who broke the "curse." I was on the cheerleading team out on the field. By the end of the fourth quarter, we were tied at 30-30. We went through three rounds of overtime, and won by a last second two point conversion! I had never heard the stands so loud and involved, and I'd never felt such school spirit from my community. We ran onto the field and celebrated as a school, and that night is still one of the greatest high school memories I could have asked for."
- Ms. Rebecca Gilmore, English Teacher (c/o 2013 )
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