Dual Enrollment and Concurrent Enrollment

Dual Enrollment Opportunties
Spring 2024 Courses

The courses West Valley College is offering through this Dual Enrollment Program are taught only to students in the Campbell Union High School District. Some courses for Spring 2024 will be offered in-person at the high school campus indicated in the table below. Other courses are offered synchronously online (i.e. with scheduled days and times) or asynchronously online (no scheduled meetings). Students can enroll in classes not offered at their home campus but need to ensure they can arrange travel to that campus and arrive on time. Even if you do not intend to enroll at WVC after graduation, the course(s) and units completed transfer to other colleges and universities.  In addition, for every three college units a student enrolls, that student earns ten units on their high school transcript.  The program provides students an opportunity to make up credits needed for high school graduation, explore college courses, and obtain a head start on college. This program is open to students that are sophomores, juniors, and seniors (grades 10, 11, and 12).

Essential Information

This upcoming Spring 2024 semester, West Valley College is offering 11 classes at high schools in CUHSD.  Some important facts about students enrolled in the Dual Enrollment Program:

  • Students are on the WVC calendar.
  • For this upcoming spring semester, the courses start on January 29 and end on May 21. Some holidays may differ between WVC and CUHSD. Students are expected to attend class in accordance with the WVC calendar. WVC observes President’s Day on February 19 and spring break on April 1-5.
  • Courses students complete, and grades earned, remain on the student’s permanent college transcript. Students can use these units towards high school graduation, towards a WVC degree or certificate, and at other colleges and university attended in the future. 
  • Students who opt to take a class become WVC students for that term. This means that students have privacy rights, are permitted to use WVC facilities, and are subject to the WVC student code of conduct.
  • Course textbooks will be provided during the first week of class at no cost to the student. Students are required to return those textbooks at the end of the term.
  • Students are permitted to enroll in any class, even if the class is not held on the student’s campus.
  • LRSV 1, Learning Strategies for College ad Careers is designed for students on Individual Education Plans (IEPs). It is a great opportunity to facilitate an introduction into college, learn to navigate college systems, and essential life skills that support student success.
  • CHST 63, Child, Family, and Community is a great class as a stand alone or for those who have taken CHST 2, Child Growth and Development. Students that complete both CSHT 2 and 63 satisfy Title 22 licensing to work as an assistant in a childcare center when they turn 18 years old.
  • Completed applications for the Spring 2024 term must be submitted to your counselor by Friday, December 8.

Application Information

To apply, complete the instructions below.  Students must create an account through OpenCCCApply, obtain a California Community College ID number, use that ID to complete a West Valley College application and obtain at West Valley College ID number (this is an important number that you must hold on to), and complete the online Dual Enrollment Application. That application will be sent to your high school counselor who will network with West Valley College’s admissions office.  If you have enrolled in one of our courses before, you will still need to apply again for this upcoming term.
  1. Complete an online application at Apply and Register for Classes | West Valley CollegeLinks to an external site.. (Students who were in the DE program in a previous term are required to complete a new application). Here you will create an OpenCCCApply account. You will receive a CCC ID# (ex: AF861972) via email; this is not your West Valley College ID#. Your CCC ID# will give you access to the online application.
  2. Using your CCC ID#, log into OpenCCCApply through the Apply Now link and complete the West Valley College Application.
  3. Within 5min – 2hrs you will receive your West Valley College ID# (ex: G08100081) via email. Save this number in a place you can easily access it. You will need this number moving forward. Email the WVC Admissions Office if you do not receive your ID number, [email protected]. Include your name, confirmation number, and birthdate.
  4. Click on the link Dual Enrollment | West Valley CollegeLinks to an external site. to access the Dual Enrollment Application. The application will be sent to one of the following school personnel.
  • Boynton High School – Janel Holguin
  • Branham High School – Isabel Magana
  • Del Mar High School – Kristie Geist
  • Leigh High School – Felah Murray
  • Prospect High School – Shawnee Beeson
  • Westmont High School – Carolina Pizano
  • Virtual Learning Academy – Erin Reyes

Courses Offered

Below is a complete list of courses offered for the Spring 2024 term.  There will be a different course schedule for Summer and Fall 2024.  Descriptions for each course and the college pathways they lead to are given as an attachment. 


Class Mode/Location Days Times Section # Room
ARTS 55: Computer Arts & Animation Asynchronous Online N/A N/A 33678 N/A
ASL 60A: Sign Language Del Mar HS TTh
T: 3:00-5:30 PM
Th: 2:10-4:10 PM
32444 18
ASL 60A: Sign Language Leigh HS MW 3:45-6:15 PM 32445 30
BUSN 28: Business Law Synchronous Online MW 4:30-5:55 PM 32151 N/A
CHST 63: Child, Family, & Community Asynchronous Online N/A N/A 33221 N/A
COMM 1: Public Speaking Synchronous Online TTh 4:30-5:55 PM 32405 N/A
GDES 23: Intro to App Design
Synch OL Lecture
Asynch OL Lab
MW 4:30-5:55 PM + Lab 33682 N/A
KINT 30: Intro to Kinesiology Synchronous Online W 6:00-9:10 PM 32668 N/A
LRSV 001: Learning Strategies for College & Careers Synchronous Online T 6:00-9:10 PM 34045 N/A
PSYC 1: General Psychology Prospect HS MW 4:15-5:40 PM 33220 15
SOCI 2: Social Problems Asynchronous Online N/A N/A 32288 N/A


For information about applying, please contact Joe McDevitt at [email protected] and include the counselor at your high school (Shawnee Beeson). 
Concurrent Enrollment

Planning To Take An Enrichment or Community College Course?

Go to the website of the community college where you would like to take this class. Check the Schedule of Classes. Find the class that you identified on ASSIST.org (to ensure this class will transfer to the university you plan to attend). Look for days and times that would work with your schedule.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are planning to take a community college course during the school year (concurrent enrollment), it must be AFTER all of your classes at Prospect. Classes at the community college can NOT be used to substitute a class that is required for high school graduation, and any outside courses will not go on your high school transcript.


IMPORTANT: Community colleges require anyone under 18 years of age to get a concurrent enrollment form signed in order to take a college course. The form is obtained directly from the community college and MUST be signed by your guidance counselor.

For any courses that you plan to take outside of Prospect, be sure to submit the CUHSD Concurrent Enrollment Acknowledgement Form. (attached to this message)


Concurrent Enrollment Forms can be found here: