Principal's Corner

Parents and Students - please review our Community Norms with these videos from Mr. Pinza.

Episode 1 - Attendance



I want to personally invite our students and families to represent Prospect on the district’s Local Control and Accountability Plan Committee. This committee brings together our entire community to set the strategic goals for the district. This is a chance to speak up and influence the design of our academic, social, and wellness supports and programs, especially for families with multilingual learners, socioeconomic disadvantages, and foster students.

The committee will meet from 6-8pm on March 9, April 13, May 10, and June 1. If you’d like to participate, please complete the survey by March 1.
Other ways to give your feedback....
Survey with clipboardSchool Climate Survey: help us provide a healthy and inclusive school for everyone.
Parents/families - click here.
Students - click here
SocioEmotional Survey (students only):
This survey asks students about their learning experiences, feelings of safety, social interactions, and feelings about college and career supports. This survey is confidential. Students log in individually to protect their privacy.

Click on this link and log in with your username as your student ID plus an underscore and “CUHSD”. For example, if your student ID is 555555, your login username will be 555555_CUHSD.
Your password is your birthdate as a code in the form MMDDYY. If your code starts with a zero, skip the zero so that the format is MDDYY. For example, if your birthdate is March 5, 2003, your password will be 30503. 
Your feedback helps us improve our school, so we truly want all of our students and families to participate!
A new message from
Mr. Pinza has a couple of favors to ask in order to shorten the lunch lines and reduce traffic at drop-off and pick-up....
Mr. Pinza breaks down all the steps you need to be officially registered for the new school year.


Kurt Meeker at Globe



All the world’s a stage, and this year Kurt Meeker was able to show that even in a pandemic, the show must go on!  Kurt has been an integral part of our Prospect community for the past 17 years, showing immense dedication to his Drama and Tech Theatre students.  He inspires his classes to tap into their creativity and self-confidence and put on performances that the entire school remembers for years afterward. This was especially true this past year, as incredibly, his students were able to perform two mainstage shows as video productions. Kurt provided costumes, equipment, and even green screens to his ensembles and technicians so that each student-designer and every thespian could realize their visions in a completely new format. He directed and combined dozens of isolated, at-home performances into wonderful video adaptations of The Trojan Women and our Spring musical Little Women.
Kurt also has such a strong relationship with his colleagues, always ready to offer words of encouragement, or the correct answer to a Super Quiz question! It is with so much respect and admiration that we celebrate Kurt Meeker as 2020-21's Teacher of the Year!


APRIL 20, 2021
Good evening Panthers.
As you may know, this afternoon, the jury in the trial of Derek Chauvin reached a verdict, finding him guilty of second-degree unintentional murder, third-degree murder, and second-degree manslaughter in the death of George Floyd.
We recognize that there are a range of emotions that you may be experiencing in the wake of this verdict. There is so much to process, and we want you all to know that Prospect High School -- all its teachers and staff -- stand ready to help you process all of this. We will offer special live support tomorrow for students; check with your Outreach teacher if you would like to access that support.
We also recognize and acknowledge that everyone will carry this experience differently. Our Black community also carries the weight of a history of racial profiling and many other unreported injustices. Whether or not any individual experiences these things firsthand, this history still weighs on the hearts and minds of many of our neighbors of color.
We are a school that will make that healing space for all of our students in their time of need. We are a community that will make that space to hear and honor everyone’s stories, and we will continue to demand that everyone be treated with dignity and justice.
-- Paul C. Pinza

April 18, 2021 - HYBRID UPDATE!


CURRENT SURVEYS - Hybrid feedback + Planning for next year

Survey with clipboardOver the next couple of weeks, we'll be asking everyone in our community to complete a series of surveys to provide us with lots of feedback about our school -- from the current hybrid program to our plans and priorities heading into next year.  Your feedback helps us improve our school, so we truly want all of our students and families to participate!
Plans & Priorities for Next Year - open to students and families. 
District survey (ThoughtExchange) here
Prospect HS survey (Nearpod) here
Hybrid Program: 
District survey here. [coming soon]
Prospect HS survey (Nearpod) here.
Your feedback matters!!!
** After students said that they needed more support, we've added academic support and credit recovery programs in nearly a dozen subjects. 
** After many students said they did not feel welcome at Prospect, we made our activities more inclusive and began a diversity and inclusion team of staff and students to explore, more deeply, how we can honor all the cultures in our Prospect community.

Learn about Prospect's Hybrid Program, coming April 12!!!

We are very excited to welcome over 400 students back to campus to receive in-person instruction. Students are being placed in stable groups and scheduled for either an A-day or a B-day to attend classes in-person. Instruction will be conducted over Zoom at the same time, so we expect that the vast majority of students will NOT have their schedules changed.
This video outlines what a day in our Hybrid will look like, including some of the new protocols we've put in place to make sure all students remain safe and healthy!

March 26, 2021


Dear Panther Community,


I want you all to know that we have seen the accounts published this week on social media of our students’ allegations of sexual harassment and assault. Our students - particularly our young women - are too often subjected to sexual harassment and/or violence by their peers, and right now, it is clear that students do not trust our administration to address these incidents fairly and appropriately. 

To anyone who reported these incidents to our staff, and who left those conversations feeling dismissed or ignored or unheard - I apologize.

If our statements this week - whether made publicly or privately - conveyed the impression that we do not support, protect, or listen to victims of these incidents - I am truly sorry.

We intend to make real and substantial changes in order to rebuild the trust between our student body and our administration. 

We are thoroughly reviewing our entire process - from the receipt of initial reports through investigation and every stage of follow-up. And we are committed to engaging students in that review so that those who are most affected can inform the changes we will make. 

We want to be transparent about the way we address and investigate these reports so that all students are clear about how we protect all of their rights and how we support all victims through their healing.

We will set up, in the very near future, opportunities for students to voice their concerns and to suggest reforms to our process. We will keep the Prospect community updated as this important dialogue progresses.

I deeply regret that our students, right now, do not have faith in our school to address these serious and pervasive issues. I accept full responsibility for restoring that faith, and I look forward to working with our students and staff to make this right.


Paul C. Pinza

Principal, Prospect High School





Mr. Pinza explains the new COVID-19 health orders for our county and how they impact Prospect's services on campus.

Last week for course requests; locker clear out coming soon.


Hello Panther families.


I apologize for the delay in my communications with you. We are trying to finalize some specific plans as a school, and we are trying our best to base those decisions on the updated guidance from local and state authorities. We work very hard to send clear, concise information to you, yet with so many unknowns at this time, that can be a great challenge. So please forgive me if this message has more status updates rather than specific plans.


Remember that this is your last week to request changes to your course requests for next school year. Be sure to email Ms. Subaba or Ms. Aguiniga to make your requests. We may not be able to honor all requests, but we will try to honor as many as possible. 


We are finalizing plans for students to clean out their lockers on campus while maintaining social distancing. Details will be sent out over the next couple of days, and each student will have a specific time slot, based on their last name, where they can come onto campus and empty out their hall lockers. Be on the lookout for that message later this week.


If your student has struggled to find their teacher’s video sessions or keep track of assignments, we created a weekly schedule template that might help. Please click on to make a copy for your own Google Drive. Mr. Pinza has also put together this video to show you how this Google doc can help your student stay organized.


We truly appreciate how hard everyone is working to stay on task and to finish the year strong. Continue to reach out if you have any questions or need any support. We are working hard to address everyone’s needs, and we appreciate your patience and understanding.


Seniors! I have some special updates for you and your families! Click on the message below this one!


Keep up the great work, and I hope you all continue to stay healthy and safe. 


Go Panthers!


-- Paul C. Pinza


Hi there, seniors! (And senior families - this is for you, too!)

Yard sign Co2020If you completed the form to pre-order Class of 2020 yard signs, we will inform you when those signs arrive at Prospect and how you will receive what you’ve ordered. We will also share information for families who wish to purchase a yard sign that did not pre-order. They may arrive as early as the end of this week!



Grand Awards save datePlease save the date of Monday, May 18 for our online broadcast of the 2020 Grand Awards. This will be a celebration of the outstanding achievements by our senior class, and it will debut on YouTube at 6pm on this date. Families will receive advance notice if your senior will be among the award-winners.


Finally, we are making plans for activities surrounding graduation, including a space and time where seniors can pick up their cap and gown, return uniforms and other school materials, and even walk across the stage to receive their diploma. Our plans are being submitted to the county, and once they are approved, we will share with you all the details you need to be a part of the celebration!

Schedules for Online Classes and AP Exams


Hello Panther families!


Although I’m sure most of us never imagined a week of Spring Break to look like this, I hope your entire family has stayed healthy and safe thus far.


I’m pleased to share with you two important schedules that you should refer to as we complete the school year through online learning.


Online Learning starting Monday!

Prospect will be shifting to a period-based schedule for online classes. As you can see in the graphic below, each period will meet once during the week, either from 10-11am or from 1-2pm.

Online Schedule starts April 13



We hope this makes it a little easier to plan your class time while at home. Your teachers will communicate the format for their class sessions – whether they will have a video conference or a text-based chat or some other online activity. Pay close attention to the messages sent by your teachers – check your e-mail, Schoolloop, and Google Classroom regularly to make sure you do not miss any updates.  


Attendance will be taken during this new phase of online learning. Students must show that they have engaged in the work for each class at least once a week. This can be done by submitting assignments, joining a live session with the teacher, or communicating via e-mail or other means.


You will also see several Study Hall periods in the schedule above. These are times where you’ll be able to connect with a variety of teachers. Don’t expect all teachers to be available in every Study Hall. Here again, pay close attention to each teacher’s messages so you can create your own schedule and connect with as many teachers as you can during these Study Hall times.




AP Exams

Finally, I’m also happy to share with you the revised schedule for Advanced Placement (AP) exams. This is a condensed schedule, listing only the exams that are offered at Prospect.


2020 AP exams p1AP Exams 2020 p2

As you may know, AP Exams will be administered online at specific days and times, but the start of Exams has been moved a week later to Monday, May 11. These will be 45-minute exams that must be taken at the schedule day and time. If you are planning to take any AP exams, make sure you put these dates and times in your calendar.


You can also download a copy of the AP exam schedule here. This file also contains links to get more details about the exams for each course, access review sessions, or learn more about test security.


We will continue to send updates, tips and tricks, and other supports to help you navigate online learning. In fact, Mr. Pinza will once again be on Instagram Live to take questions about online learning specifically this Friday starting at 2:00pm.


We know this is all very new, and we want to make sure you are set up for success. You are not alone, Panthers. Regardless of the distance, we are still owning our future together!


Go Panthers!


Paul C. Pinza

Principal, Prospect High School

Good day Panther students and families,
We will be sending out a series of updates over the next few days to make sure everyone is completely informed and prepared to navigate online learning for the rest of the year. We hope our messages can help clarify how your student can take care of their body, mind, and spirit by staying at home, continuing to learn, and also maintaining a sense of calm during very stressful circumstances.
Bitmoji ImageMeal Service
First, our meal service will continue through Spring Break next week AND during Saturdays at least through May 2nd. The time and location are the same: 11:30am – 1pm to pick up a free hot lunch in our student parking lot. **Be advised that this Monday’s lunch service will move to the front of the office. This will impact Monday’s service only on April 6.
Accommodations in College Prep
Bitmoji Image
Next, we are very thankful to the many institutions who are providing flexible accommodations that will support the college aspirations for our Panthers. Just some of these include:
    • Seniors will not need to take the SAT or ACT exams for admission to the UCs, CSUs, and many other colleges across the nation.
  • No student will be penalized at all for the pass/no-pass grades earned in the Spring semester.
  • The College Board has pushed the start of AP exams a week later and created an accessible, online format, while limiting exams only to the material covered prior to closure.
We’re glad to hear that our Panthers’ dreams for their future will not be penalized for circumstances they have no control over.
Bitmoji Image
Finally, students and families can still expect a 12-week progress report that reflects only the work completed up to March 12, the day before we closed. Any work added in the last three weeks would only be to raise a student’s grade, not lower it. These progress reports will still reflect an A-F grade scale. The final Spring semester grades posted in June will be Pass or No Pass for all courses, and they will not be included in any GPA calculations – by Prospect or by any college or university.
This is certainly a big change, and we have heard concerns from students and families on both sides of the debate. While the standard letter grades may motivate some learners, many others wrestle with a feeling of hopelessness, that academic success is always out of reach, even before the pandemic isolated them from their teachers, counselors, tutors, and peers. In the face of so many challenges, we want to simplify (not lower) our expectations to give all students the chance and the hope of being successful. If you’ve always been a strong student, we expect you to stay ambitious and learn as much as you can. If you’ve struggled in school, you don’t have to feel bad if your grade is not as high as some of your classmates. Everyone’s goal is the same: pass your classes. Every teacher and every staff member at Prospect believe that every student can achieve this goal. This crisis will not stop us from owning our future together.
In the days to come, we will publish more details and more resources to support students through online learning so that you will all be set up for success. So watch your inboxes, bookmark our website, and follow our social media. We got you, Panthers. You’ll hear from us soon.
Take care,
Paul C. Pinza
Principal, Prospect High School
Hello Panther families. 
Today begins the second week of our supplemental online learning. As you may have heard from Dr. Bravo, we will begin Phase 2 of online learning after we return from Spring Break on Monday, April 13th. From that day forward, online learning activities will be required and graded for all students. Therefore, it is crucial that ALL students check their school e-mail, Schoolloop, Google Classrooms, and our school’s website ( to make sure that they understand when they are expected to be in class. Attendance will also be taken for online activities starting April 13th, so we need all families to establish a clear schedule and routine with your students this week so that they can participate in their classes and succeed when it matters most.
Because we want to support you in setting these routines, we do not plan to substantially change our online learning schedule. However, individual teachers may be adjusting their hours this week. You may find that some teachers are offering fewer sessions online for their classes because they need to prepare for the transition to Phase 2. Here again, it is crucial that your student stays in touch via e-mail, Schoolloop, and other avenues to make sure they know their teachers’ online hours. Remember, for each of their classes, students can expect about two hours of homework for the week. That’s a total of twelve hours of homework across six classes.
Bitmoji ImageUPDATE - APRIL 4: If your household needs internet access or your student’s Chromebook needs repair, you can call our Tech Support Hotline at 408-558-3080. We have a limited supply of devices that we can loan to you, and we can deliver them to your home if needed (while maintaining proper distancing). You can also find a number of companies offering free internet service here on our website
Bitmoji Image
Prospect is also serving free breakfast and lunch Monday through Friday from 11:30am to 1pm in the student parking lot. We are hoping to extend food service to Saturdays and through Spring Break. Listen for an announcement later this week.
I’ll be back on social media hosting two more live events this week.
Facebook logoFor parents, I’ll be on Facebook Live with our Community Liaison Sandra Moreno from 6-7pm on Tuesday. Look for the Mister Pinza page.
Instagram logoI’ll join students on Instagram Live  at 4:30pm on Wednesday.    
The twelve-week grading period ends on Friday; however, students’ grades will only be assessed based on work completed by March 12th – before the school closure. Any work added after that date will only be used to help a student’s grade, not harm it.
We will publish more details about Phase 2 of online learning later this week. For now, please make sure your students are engaging with all their classes and teachers so that they do not fall behind once online work starts counting towards their grade. You can always leave a message at the school if you have any questions or concerns. Our number is 408-626-3408.
Stay safe and well, Prospect. Go Panthers!
Good morning Panther families.
We are excited to launch online learning today! Thank you for your patience and for making sure your students are checking their district e-mail and Schoolloop to get their specific instructions from each of their teachers. We'll follow the weekly schedule posted on this page, so please make specific time each day for students to check in with their respective classes. 
If you haven't seen the tutorial for online learning, we have English and Spanish versions on this page.
We also have some updates on other Spring events that may be of interest:
** PROM, April 18: cancelled, but we are exploring options for a similar event in late May.
** STATE TESTING, April: all tests have been suspended. No more state testing this year.
** AP EXAMS, May: Bookmark this page for ongoing updates. Exams will be 45-minutes long for each subject with only free-response (essay) questions administered online. Follow the link for some details in each subject; full exam details to be released April 3.
** SAT & ACT EXAMS: All test dates in March, April, and May are cancelled. Next test dates are June 6 (SAT) and 13 (ACT).
We will continue to send out updates as they come to us. Please continue to check this space, your e-mails, and Schoolloop for all the latest.
Good luck to everyone as we begin classes online! We got this! Go Panthers!
Bitmoji Imagesignature



Good morning Panther students and families,  


As we prepare to send out more details about our remote learning opportunities during this abrupt school closure, we realize that some of you may have essential items that have been left at school.


In order to continue to follow the latest guidance from national, state, and local authorities, we are only providing a limited window where students can, if they need, retrieve essential items from their lockers.


Here is the schedule, separated alphabetically by last name, for you to come to campus:


Tues 3/17

Wed 3/18

Thurs 3/19

8am – 9am

A - B

H- J

O- R

9:30 – 10:30

C - D

K - L

S -T

1pm – 2pm

E - G

M - N

U- Z






For the safety of everyone in our community, please ONLY come to campus if you are retrieving items that are essential to your health, safety, and/or learning. You also must not gather in any groups - please just take your items and then leave immediately.

If you need to pick up a piece of technology - such as a hotspot for wifi or a loaner Chromebook, please visit the library starting at 8:30am

All families with students and young children are still welcome to pick up a bag lunch between 11:30am and 1pm starting today, March 17. It will be a "drive-through" pick-up in the student parking lot. 


Thank you for keeping to this schedule and only visiting campus if you have essential items to retrieve.

You'll hear more details about our supplemental, online learning activities in the next day or two.


Take care and stay safe!


Mr. Pinza

Principal, Prospect High School

Details about Voting - February 24, 2020

The Prospect High School community has a long, proud tradition of civic engagement, so I want to alert all of you that, due to the change in the voting process for Santa Clara County, Prospect High School is no longer a voting location. 


You all should have received a ballot in the mail, and you can submit it three different ways on or before March 3:

1) You may visit a Voting Center to complete your ballot. The following locations in the Prospect area are now open for voting seven days a week, 9am-5pm, and from 7am-8pm on March 3:

- West Valley Branch Library - Community Room [ 1243 San Tomas Aquino Road, San Jose, CA 95117  ]

- West Valley College - Room V26 (near Parking Lot 2, Allendale Ave & Theater Way)


2) You may complete your ballot at home and drop it off at a 24-hour Ballot Box. Here are some ballot box locations in the Prospect area:

- Moreland School District [ 4711 Campbell Avenue, San Jose, CA 95130​​ ]

- West Valley Branch Library [ 1243 San Tomas Aquino Road, San Jose, CA 95117  ]

- West Valley College - Fox Center (near Parking Lot 5, Fruitvale Ave & Admissions Way)


3) You may complete your ballot at home and mail it using the pre-addressed envelope that came with your ballot.

Finally, I want to point out that, in an effort to attract and retain the best teachers and school staff, while providing the necessary academic and socio-emotional supports for students, the Campbell Union High School District Board of Trustees approved placing Measure K, a parcel tax measure on the March 3, 2020 ballot. A 66.7% majority is needed for this measure to pass.
Every penny of the revenue from this measure will go directly to our educational programs at a time when state funding for our schools remains inadequate despite the rising cost of living and other expenses.
If approved by voters, Measure K funding could be used to:
Recruit and retain highly qualified teachers and school staff
Provide student mental health and suicide prevention services
Continue to provide vocational and career technical education
Maintain or expand class offerings to train students for high demand jobs
Increase offerings of AP classes and dual enrollment to prepare students for college and career
Increase student access to counselors
Effective teachers and school staff are pivotal in guiding our students toward success in their future college and career. For more information on Measure K, visit

Thank you for your continued support as our district creates new possibilities for our students. 




Paul C. Pinza

Principal, Prospect HS

Dear Panther Community,
In this letter, I want to convey some important announcements from our Superintendent, Dr. Robert Bravo: 
"I am inspired by some of our recent achievements and the progress we are making on several priorities identified by our staff, parents and students. For the first time, Campbell Union High School District is ranked in the top 20 best school districts in the Bay Area, according to school and neighborhood review site based on analysis of reviews and other factors including state test scores, college readiness, graduation rates, SAT/ACT scores, etc. Prospect, in particular, deserves to be congratulated for being chosen as a keynote speaker at the Santa Clara County Office of Education's recent Inclusion Conference. What a proud moment for Mr. Pinza, and all the staff and students at Prospect who continue to work towards a culture of inclusion where every student matters.

"Based on your feedback, we are identifying ways to address the vaping problem in our schools, which remains a top concern in our community, as evidenced by the recent online ThoughtExchange. The top themes from the exchange can be found by clicking here.


The district is hosting three upcoming vaping education night for parents:

  • November 6 at 7:30 p.m. in conjunction with Branham High School’s PTSA
  • En español: 13 de noviembre a las 7 p.m. junto con ELAC de Del Mar
  • November 14 at 7:30 p.m. at Westmont High School "


I will also add that, at Prospect, students and staff have volunteered to launch a peer-to-peer ambassador program in partnership with Community Matters. They will spend two days in training this Thursday and Friday to learn strategies for how they can become positive influencers on fellow students, and persuade them away from the use of dangerous drugs.


We also know that this time of year leads to heightened anxiety for many students, and often, that increase in stress causes unhealthy and dangerous choices. To that end, our ASB will begin a series of "Mindful Mondays", with activities in the quad designed to help students reduce stress and elevate joy during this busy season. The PTSA will also host a screening of the documentary Like at its general meeting on November 12 at 6:30pm in our Performing Arts Center. This film takes a deep dive into social media use among teens, and will be followed by a panel discussion to help parents find effective strategies for ensuring that their students engage with each other online in healthy, responsible ways.

Dr. Bravo and I want to thank the parent community for your support of our schools. Together we can continue to build off of these accomplishments while making necessary improvements to better support our students both academically and socio-emotionally.


We have reached the sixth week of the year - the first big milestone that allows us to look at all of our students and assess their progress in their classes. With the provision of Chromebooks for every student (and new, modern furniture in the vast majority of classrooms), students now have many powerful learning tools at their disposal. We’ve never been in a better position to own our future as a school, yet this is a time when many students may get very anxious or experience severe self-doubt as they feel the weight of that responsibility. As the first report card nears, students often face their first moments of adversity; as a school and a community, we must prepare and support them to work through these difficult moments.Students analyzing literature in Spanish

Teachers will collaborate soon about the nature of grading as a feedback tool for students. What are the messages that grades convey, and are we certain that students are hearing and interpreting the feedback that we intend to give them? Similarly, what are the messages conveyed at home in response to grades? Are those messages mindful of the young minds that are still very much developing? Is the message competitive or compassionate? Our students have proven, time and again, that they are a terrific support system for each other. But can they be the right role models, as well, demonstrating that seeking help is a sign of strength, and that feeling overwhelmed is not a sign of weakness? Can they lean into each other, so that all of Prospect’s learners don’t just feel better, but perform better in the classroom?

I’m confident that they can do that for each other, illustrating for all of us that the our in Prospect’s vision is just as crucial as owning and future. I’d love to see all our Panthers receive a report card they can be very proud of. But it’s also equally important to make sure that each student’s response to their report card inspires just as much pride.



We are entering the home stretch of the school year, and there will be many celebrations to come over the final five weeks. We hope you and your families can join us for many of these joyous events, while at the same time, making sure your students stay focused on completing their courses -- working hard to finish the year with high achievement and the most success possible. The joy and the work must be balanced. Anxiety and stress should not cripple our young learners, and the occasional break from studying can be just as helpful as a perfectly crafted study guide. In this last month of AP exams and Finals, you'll see Prospect owning our future by balancing all of these efforts -- we are committed to high expectations for every student and to providing the academic and emotional support needed for students to reach those levels of success. And we will celebrate every student who reaches those heights.
Therapy Dogs on Campus! Monday, May 6: The BioMedical club will be hosting the Alliance for Therapy Dogs, as they bring some canine companions for students this Monday during Study Hall and Lunch. The dogs will be kept with their handlers in the Science Plaza, between the Gym and the Performing Arts Center. Students who visit with the dogs must wash their hands after each visit in the gym lobby.
Boys Volleyball in CCS!!! The first round match-up for our Boys Volleyball team will be Tuesday night, May 7, at 7pm at Christopher High School in Gilroy! The tournament runs through the week, with the following rounds on Thursday and Saturday. Good luck, Panthers!
Class of '19 updates: Baseball will host Senior Night this Tuesday when they play Independence at 4pm, and on Thursday and Friday, May 9 & 10, counselors will visit their Economics classes to guide them through the Exit Survey in Naviance. Please make sure your student completes this in class or at home so we know their plans beyond Prospect! And look for a mailer coming home about graduation in the next week or so!
A FULL CALENDAR OF EVENTS appears in this month's Parent Page!
We'll have copies in the front office, but you can also access it online in English or Spanish
Looking forward to an exciting end to a great year! Go Panthers!
Principal's Letter - February 25, 2019

Good morning Panther families.

This is Paul Pinza, the Principal at Prospect High School. I hope you found plenty of time last week to rest and spend quality time together with your students.

The Boys Soccer team won the CCS Championship last Saturday, and will play in the Northern California tournament this Tuesday at 4pm at Galt High School near Sacramento. Congratulations and good luck!

The District Jazz Festival is tomorrow night at 7pm at Del Mar High School. Prospect’s Jazz Ensemble will be performing alongside their peers from across the Campbell Union High School District. It should be a great night of music.

Our Biology classes will be showcasing students’ Green Ninja films on Wednesday from 4-7pm in the PAC. These are short videos created by students to highlight environmental issues. We hope you can join us to see these great projects.

Please note that on Wednesday, we will have a short earthquake drill at the beginning of Study Hall, and on Thursday, about sixty seniors will miss class in order to take the National Assessment for Education Progress, a nationwide test that measures students’ skills in English, Math, and Science. Seniors who have been selected to take the test have already been notified. Testing will occur in the Library and Room 29.

Sports for the Week


Boys Tennis vs Leigh at home, 3:30

Badminton at Yerba Buena,  4:00.


Badminton vs Branham, 4:00.


Boys Volleyball at Christopher, 4:00


Badminton vs Gunderson, 4:00

I’m excited to see you all back at school. Report cards will be sent home in the next week, and students are encouraged to contact their teachers this week if they need any support at all in any classes. Now is the time to Excel and Be Well.

Go Panthers!

Paul C. Pinza

Principal, Prospect High School

Principal's Letter - December 2018

The holidays bring a flurry of errands and emotions that pull us in several directions. The push to finish the semester strong overlaps with students’ laying plans for next year – by building class schedules or completing college and scholarship applications. As 2018 closes, we’ll reflect on the many triumphs of the year, seek the perfect gifts for our loved ones, all while staying mindful of our neighbors who struggle through Winter’s harshest months.


If you are a family in need: Please contact Jovanie Ascencio at ext. 8141 to get connected to resources in our community. Prospect is proud to partner with Second Harvest Food Bank and One Warm Coat, and we’re also gathering resources for our own Winter Wishes program.


If you are looking for unique gifts: Plan on visiting our annual Holiday Craft Faire this Saturday, December 8th between 10am and 5pm in the gym. We also recommend ordering some of our 50th Anniversary gear from our online store. J


If you’re wondering what “gifts” are on Prospect’s wish list:   I urge you to join or donate to our PTSA: Parent Teachers & Students Association – a critical nexus that provides all sorts of gifts to all our Panthers throughout the year. Your support of PTSA really is as versatile as an Amazon gift card! See pages 1-2 for details.


Here’s to a wonderful December!


Principal's Letter - "Community Support" September 17, 2018

It hasn’t taken long for the warmth of August to shift into the breezy bustle of September (even if the temperature hasn’t cooled off that much.) Our staff has committed ourselves this year to the values of building community and resilience, and our student activities and athletics programs play vital roles in creating both. From sports, robotics, and mock trial to art, culture, and social justice, we hope your student is able to pursue their most passionate interests and stay authentically engaged  beyond the classroom walls. As educators, we hope to bring that spark into the academic learning as well, providing lessons that resonate with students’ interests and experiences so that their growth and development isn’t confined to or defined by points and grades. That’s the rich, authentic engagement we strive for in our Prospect learning community.

It’s ambitious work that tests the resolve of our students and our staff. As the first report card approaches, we recognize that students and families are feeling more anxious as the challenge of preparing for college becomes very real. We also know that, when teens feel overwhelmed, they can be tempted to give in to unhealthy choices or give up entirely. Students, families, and teachers should communicate directly in order to support students in ways that build their capacity to work through adversity. Our counselors and administrators are always willing to help facilitate that dialogue. We become resilient, and we make our students resilient, when we authentically engage with each other to overcome a low test score or a tough loss, a social setback or even a family hardship. 

As our 50th Anniversary events and Homecoming Week get under way, we’ll have plenty of great times in the month ahead. That communal Panther spirit is all the more special knowing that we believe in and support each other during challenging times as well.


-- Paul Pinza, Principal


Hello Panthers!


The Campbell Union High School District is committed to supporting electric vehicles (EV) as a sustainable transportation option for the community to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve air quality. This is in accordance with the goals and guidelines set forth by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD).

Due to a generous donation this summer from Powerflex Systems, we are able to pilot EV charging stations at Prospect. Testing of the new systems is now complete and as of XXXX the stations will be fully functional.


Eligible Vehicles

All EV and plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) are eligible to park in the designated EV charging spaces.  Examples of all-electric vehicles include Nissan LEAF, Tesla Model S, and Fiat 500e. Examples of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles include Chevy Volt, Ford C-Max Energi, and Toyota Prius Plug-in.

Ineligible Vehicles

Non-electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles without charge ports are not eligible to park in EV charging spaces.  Examples of ineligible vehicles include Toyota Prius (non-PHEV), Ford Fusion Hybrid, and Accord Hybrid.

Where to Park

Ø  Staff and Faculty

Eligible vehicles with employee permits may utilize EV charging spaces located in the Employee Lot at all times.

Ø  Students

Students may charge in the Employee Lot after 5:30 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends.

Ø  Visitors and Guests

Visitors and guests may charge in Employee Lot after 5:30 p.m. on weekdays and all day on weekends.

EV Charging Fees:

To pay for the operation and maintenance costs associated with the charging stations, the District must charge fees, as outlined below.

Ø  Students, Staff & Faculty ($0.10/kWh)

District staff, faculty, and students are eligible for EV charging at cost.

Ø  Visitors, Vendors, Guests, etc. ($0.40/kWh)

Campus guests, visitors, vendors, and other groups may charge their vehicles on campus by paying the guest rate of $0.40/kWh.  Fees will be charged until the end of the transaction.

Fees will be periodically reassessed to ensure that costs are being recouped and stations are utilized.

If you have any questions please feel free to call Eric Wasinger, Director of Construction and Facilities for CUHSD, at (408) 371-0960 ext. 2081.  

Thank you,

Paul C. Pinza

Principal, Prospect High School

UPDATED: Senior Mailer 2022

Please click "Read Full Story" below to see the corrected list of graduation activity dates! Thank you all for bringing it to our attention and apologies for the miscommunication!

Yearbook 2022 Distribution!

If you purchased an ASB card at the beginning of the year or pre-ordered one online, you have already purchased a yearbook! Click Read Full Story to learn how to pick up your yearbook!

Congratulations Panthers! We are in the final stretch!

Congratulations to our Teacher of the Year

All the world’s a stage, and this year Kurt Meeker was able to show that even in a pandemic, the show must go on! Kurt has been an integral part of our Prospect community for the past 17 years, showing immense dedication to his Drama and Tech Theatre students. It is with so much respect and admiration that we celebrate Kurt Meeker as 2020-21's Teacher of the Year!

Full Instructions for At-Home COVID testing (Spring Break)

Hi Parents and Students,

We are excited to announce an opportunity to keep our school community safe.

All students and school employees can get free at-home COVID-19 tests to use before returning to school after spring break! If your student is already registered in Primary.Health - the system we use for our school-based rapid antigen testing - you do not need to register again. Click "Read full story" for more information!

Get Vaccinated @ Prospect!

Prospect High School will be hosting a vaccine clinic on Saturday, February 12 from 12pm-7pm. Click "Read full details" for more information.

Welcome Class of 2026

Click here to join our Info Night on Thursday 2/3/2022 at 6:30pm

COVID-19 Protocols

For more more information on COVID protocols, click Read Full Story

AP Exam Sign Ups!

If you are interested in taking an AP Exam, please sign up through our web store -

Cost of each exam $98. Any late orders as well as unused/canceled exams will be an extra $40 per exam. Deadline to pay for Exams October, 22  2021. Questions, contact Ms. Grewal at

Student Union & New Classroom Engagement Workshop

Student Union & New Classroom Engagement Workshop: On Tuesday, September 28 from 3:00-6:00 (via drop-in) in the Library, the Facilities team will be putting on an engagement workshop for our new construction sites. Click here for more information and provide feedback!
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