The educational philosophy of Prospect High School is respect for the individuality of each student. Our mission is to prepare students to succeed on whatever path they ultimately choose.

To address students' needs we provide:

  • A rigorous curriculum integrated with real-world experiences.
  • Collaboration among teachers/staff, students, and parents.
  • An inclusive environment where all have access to learning.
  • An environment that is both physically and emotionally safe.
  • Support programs for students to enhance growth.
To find out more about each of the specific academic programs offered at Prospect, please click on the department pages.
Graduation Requirements and UC/CSU "A-G" Requirements
Students must earn 220 credits in a variety of courses to graduate with a Prospect diploma. Our graduation requirements meet or exceed the minimum admission requirements for UC/CSU schools, commonly known as the A-G requirements. The letters A through G refer to discipline areas indicated below.  Learn more about A-G Requirements.
Subject Requirements
CUHSD Graduation Requirements:
Grade of D- or Better
UC/CSU Requirements: 
Grade of C- or Better
A) History/Soc Sci 2 Years (20 credits) 2 Years
B) English 4 Years (40 credits) 4 Years
C) Math 3 Years (30 credits) 4 Years Recommended
D) Science
3 Years (30 credits):
Biology, Chemistry, & Physics
3 Years Recommended
E) Language Other Than English (LOTE)
2 Years (20 credits)
3 Years Recommended
F) Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA)
1 Year (10 credits)
1 Year
G) College Prep Elective
1 year (10 Credits) or
Can be satisfied with an additional year of any minimum requirement from above
1 Semester (5 credits)
Can be used to satisfy 'G' elective
1 Semester (5 credits)
Physical Education (PE)
2 Years (20 credits)
Not required for admissions to a UC/CSU
Career Tech Education (CTE)/VAPA/Special Programs
10 credits or
20+ credits earned through VAPA
General Electives
2 Years (20 credits)
Total Credits Needed for Diploma
220 Credits
Diploma is required to attend a 4-Year University.