The purpose of AVID is to identify high potential students, especially those “in the middle,” and help them succeed in a rigorous college prep curriculum and ultimately achieve college acceptance and success.The PHS AVID Program has three essential goals:

  • Academics - assisting student achievement in their core classes through in class Tutor/Teacher led tutorial sessions

  • Skills - to assist with both current course work as well as future college level skills
    • Writing
    • Critical Thinking & Inquiry
    • Organization
    • Reading
  • Community - both inside and outside of the AVID classroom through collaboration

  • Students through the pathway to college including SAT prep, college application process, financial aid, etc.


Prospect Student AVID Senior Speeches: Here I Am
Carmelle Catamura, PHS AVID c/o of 2016 presents her "Here I Am" speech to thousands of teachers from across the country at AVID Summer Institute, San Diego. 
Ms. Catamura graduated from University of California, Santa Cruz with a BS in Biomolecular Engineering and Bioinformatics and is now pursuing a PhD in Computational Biology at the University of California, Berkeley.
Every year, AVID Seniors are asked to write a "Here I Am" speech about their AVID experience at Prospect High School.  A powerful and reflective assignment about their 4-year journey in the program, students speak about their personal and academic growth, the guidance they've received, and the meaningful relationships they have made with both students and AVID staff. Below are a couple of speeches written by PHS AVID c/o 2020 Graduates.
While all students are tasked with this assignment, students also have the option to enter their speech into AVID's speech contest where the winner not only receives a cash prize, but is able to present his/her speech at an AVID Conference.  
Why the focus on four-year enrollment?

Although the majority of California Community College students enroll with the hope to transfer, students transfer at an average rate of only:

  • 4% after two years of enrollment, 
  • 25% after four years of enrollment, and 
  • 38% after six years of enrollment. 

For the students starting at a CA Community College, she/he may pay as much, or even more to obtain a bachelor’s degree than would a student enrolling directly at a four-year college.

68% of all new jobs in California will require college credentials.  With only 29% of undergraduate students enrolled at four-year universities, California doesn’t produce enough bachelor degrees.  By 2030, California will be short approximately 1.1 million workers with bachelor’s degrees to meet the workforce demands
(Hans Johnson, Marisol C. Mehia, and Sarah Bohn, Will California Run Out of College Graduates?)
AVID is a support program for students bound for four- year universities. AVID students must be self-directed and motivated. Students are expected to stay enrolled in college preparatory courses and maintain at least a 2.0 GPA throughout high school. Although students may be recruited from the ninth and tenth grade, students typically enter AVID as freshmen and stay with the program through their senior year. The classroom teacher instructs students using AVID curriculum, focusing on writing, inquiry, and collaboration. Seminars are given in note taking, goal setting, team building, reading improvement, test taking skills, study and time management skills, personal organization, and SAT/ACT preparation. Students also receive tutorial support in the AVID class, which helps students achieve in all their academic courses and prepares them for college work. In addition, students have the opportunity to visit neighboring universities, hear college and career speakers, and participate in artistic and cultural experiences.
  • Grades 9-12
  • Prerequisite: Application and interview
  • Course #    
    • AVID 1 # 18900
    • AVID 2 # 18910
    • AVID 3 # 18920
    • AVID Seminar # 18930 
  • Graduation Credit: CTE; General Electives 
  • UC/CSU Area: College Prep Elective (g) - all levels
AVID Peer Tutoring
This course requires the student to be a role model, academic tutor, and life coach to multiple grades and classes. Students will receive instruction in: 1. Professionalism 2. Training and coaching including feedback on tutors, binders, etc. 3. Students will be expected to facilitate large sustained group discussion, one-on-one coaching, checking points of confusion, note taking, and anchor grading. 4. Tutors will be expected to participate in 16 hours of training and multiple follow up meetings.
  • Grade Levels: 11-12
  • Graduation Credit: General Electives
  • UC/CSU Area: None