Physical Education Department

Course Descriptions
Physical Education
This course includes both individual and team physical education activities. The content of physical education includes the effects of physical activity upon dynamic health, mechanics of body movement, aquatics, gymnastics and tumbling, individual and dual sports, rhythms and dance, team and combative sports. All courses are conducted in a co-educational, inclusive manner. Emphasis is placed on coordination, balance, speed, endurance, reaction time, cardiovascular endurance, and teamwork. Completion of 20 units of physical education are necessary to graduate.
    • Course #13010 (Grade 9); Course #13030 (Grade 10-12)
    • Graduation Credit: Physical Education
    • UC/CSU: None
Sports PE
Available to sophomores who completed at least two seasons of sport on  competitive school-based CIF approved sports teams as freshman during the previous year, earned a 'C' or higher in their 9th Grade Physical Education class, and passed the Physical Fitness Tests (PFTs). 10th Grade students enrolled in Sports PE are expected to participate in two school-based CIF approved competitive sports during their sophomore year in order to receive 10 units of credit towards their Physical Education graduation requirement. Sports PE students must maintain academic eligibility—earning a 2.0 GPA or higher.
    • Prerequisite:
      • Sports PE candidates must have fully participated in at least two competitive school-based CIF approved sports teams during their freshman year.
      • Students must have earned a ‘C’ or higher in their 9th Grade Physical Education class
      • As a freshman, student must have passed the Physical Fitness Test (PFT).
    • Graduation Credit: Physical Education
    • UC/CSU: None
Elective Physical Education: Total Fitness
This course is for students who have successfully completed two years Physical Education. The purpose of this course is to prepare students to develop and maintain ongoing health and fitness beyond high school. Course activities will emphasize enhancing student cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Students will participate in an advanced study of yoga, Pilates, swimming, body weight exercises, and other aerobic activities previously introduced In Physical Education.
    • Prerequisite: Two years of Physical Education
    • Graduation Credit: Electives
    • UC/CSU: None
Medical Excuses

**Please note, the information below is found in the PE Department's Syllabus that is distributed to all students.

From time to time students may be unable to participate normally in the day’s PE activities due to illness or injury. If this is the case, parents must submit written documentation to their student’s situation with a written note sent to school with the student. A note from a parent or guardian is valid for up to 3 consecutive school days; a doctor’s note is required for a lengthy illness or injury.

The note must state the nature of the student’s illness or injury as well as specifically which activities the student must avoid or have modified (Example:  No running.  Walking permitted. No use of the left hand, etc.).  Please avoid a note stating “No P.E.” as it means absolutely no participation in ANY of the day’s physical activities and students will need to recover lost points. For almost every situation, a student can alter their participation in the day’s activities, reducing the need to attend Study Hall to recover lost points. 

Students with a doctor’s note for an extended length of time (ie; several weeks) will need to discuss options with their teacher for making up missed points on a case by case basis. Teachers will work with individual students to develop an appropriate participation plan for those with chronic conditions once appropriate documentation has been submitted. Please see the Health Clerk in Student Services or print a copy of this Limited PE Form for extended medical issues.

NOTE: Medical notes do not exempt the student from the day’s activities. Substitutions/modifications can be made based on the student’s limitations, otherwise missed points may be recuperated in Study Hall once the student has been cleared for full participation.
Read this form carefully and complete the student and parent signature portions no later than April 18th @ 4pm to be eligible for Sports PE consideration.  Your application will be reviewed in the spring once you've successfully completed the Fitnessgram and your seasons of sport.