Naviance Family Connection Information

If you already have a Naviance account, log on here
Used extensively by the Guidance Department and C&CC, Naviance Family Connection is a leading Internet-based tool that all students and parents will use throughout their 4 years at Prospect High School to:
  • Create personalized 4-year high school plans
  • Take interest surveys and personality tests to determine skills, strengths, and preferences
  • Explore careers and find out the education, training and skills required, as well as salary and wage information
  • Search colleges and technical schools all over the U.S., and internationally
  • View personal scattergrams to check the probability of getting accepted at selected colleges
  • Submit and track College Applications, transcript requests and teacher recommendation letters
  • Research scholarships
  • Create a resume for college applications, summer jobs and internships
  • ... and more! 
How to Sign Up 
Students and parents each have their own, free Naviance account.  To sign-up, contact Amy Bencomo at [email protected]
Learning How to Use Naviance Family Connection
  • Naviance HomePage Overview: Use this file to see the different sections on Naviance Family Connection
  • Naviance Overview Presentation: Includes screen shots of the actual website
  • iTunes App:  Download the Naviance Students app on your smartphone today