Meaningful “Free” Time Explained

How are you using all of your FREE time? Try using this time to do something toward your collegiate/career goal and start building your resume. Think about opportunities to show Leadership, Initiative, Community Involvement, and Dedication. Now is the time to start planning your summer. Consider the following while you make your summer plans:

  1. More school
    1. Enroll in community college for FREE
    2. Academic Camps
  2. Volunteer
    1. Great for students too young for paid positions
    2. Gain experience in a field of interest
  3. Work
    1. Opportunity to test financial freedom
    2. Develop work experience
    3. Measure your potential for success in different environments
  4. Learning a new skill/hobby
    1. Self-improvement
  5. Internship
    1. Gain useful experience in your field of interest
    2. Make professional connections 
  6. Travel
    1. Exposure to various cultures
    2. Unique situations
  7. Family responsibilities
    1. Any responsibility is valuable
    2. Contribute to success of family
  8. Pandemic
    1. Unique Priorities
    2. Personal Journey
Extracurriculars are difficult right now. You might have to be creative. When it is safe, consider finding something you are truly passionate about and doing it throughout the rest of high school to demonstrate commitment - something colleges look for in applicants. Check out our jobs board online for possible employment opportunities. Here is a list of Summer academic enrichment programs.