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Counseling Department and College & Career Center

(located in the Student Services Center and the Student Union)

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Prospect School Counselors offer students support in the achievement of high school goals and preparation beyond high school.  The counseling department regularly works with students, parents, guardians, staff, and teachers to help ensure student success. We meet with students individually, in groups, and during class visits throughout the school year.  Click here for more information on how to work with your school counselor.
Students can drop-in during break, lunch, and after school or make appointments to meet with their school counselor one-on-one, through Canvas or email, at any time throughout the year. Parents and guardians are welcome to schedule a meeting or contact their student’s school counselor via Canvas, email or phone.
Our College & Career Center ("CCC") is staffed by a dedicated specialist, Amy Bencomo, and a team of professional volunteers for the benefit of all Prospect students.  Students are welcome to drop by the CCC, located in the Student Union, anytime during the regular school year or expect to see us on campus in the following capacities:
  • On Tuesdays & Thursdays in the Student Union during Study Hall & Lunch to explore career, colleges, write resumes, find scholarships, and to use Naviance Family Connection and more!
  • College Visits are scheduled mostly in the fall during Study Hall & Lunch, dates and locations vary.  Please check Prospect's calendar and Naviance for schedule and to RSVP.
  • Monthly career symposiums called Career Spotlights.  Please look for details on our social media pages and the daily bulletin.
  • Monthly college and career workshops where we discuss topics such as resume writing, scholarships, and career search.
Seniors & Juniors - Planning for College?
Stop by the CCC anytime for assistance with your college application questions.  In addition to daily availability with Ms. Bencomo, there are extra professional volunteers on-hand in the Student Union every Tuesday and Thursday during Study Hall/Lunch to help with your college planning.  Make it a habit to dedicate one day a week toward your post-secondary planning!
Be sure to check out the College Planning Page; and remember to use Naviance Family Connection, a free resource for all Prospect students!  Family Connection provides a great number of college planning tools for students including:
  • The ability to browse college profiles and develop a list of target schools
  • View "scattergrams" and see where Prospect students have applied and been accepted to
  • Naviance SuperMatch college search enables students to find schools that are best matched to their own, personal criteria such as location, tuition/fees, public/private, available sports, GPA/SAT/ACT scores and more.
  • Students should also use Family Connection for transcript and letters of recommendation requests.
High School Planning 
*  Grade Level Planning: Freshmen/9th, Sophomore/10th, Junior/11th, Senior/12th
*  Students with Disabilities (speak with your guidance counselor)
College and Career Planning
*  College Planning (Admissions/Testing, Applications, College Types, Visits) 
*  Parent Nights: 9th Grade  10th Grade  11th Grade  12th Grade
*  Class Visits
Volunteering, Jobs, Work Permits