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Girls' Soccer

Varsity Coach: Jason Potmesil
JV Coach:  Sarah Schirle
Welcome to the Girl's Soccer homepage for Prospect High School.  The season is coming up very soon.  In order to tryout for the girl's soccer team, your daughter must be fully registered on our new athletic clearance site,  There are directions for registering on the front page of the athletics site and also on the "How to Participate" page.  Please complete the registration which includes uploading a current physical. Tryouts begin on Monday, Oct. 29th.  The times are listed on this page.  Only girls that have a completed registration on will be allowed to tryout.  If your daughter is in another sport at Prospect right now, they will be able to tryout once their season is over for the sport they are currently playing here at Prospect.  Please contact Coach Jason Potmesil at if you have any questions.



                                          Girls Soccer

                                      2018-19 Schedule


DATE             DAY               OPPONENT              SITE               TIME



Nov. 27            Tuesday           Milpitas                       Prospect          3:30      2-1 win

Nov. 29            Thursday          Lynbrook                    Lynbrook          4:00 JV, 6:00 varsity     4-0 win

Dec. 1              Saturday           Priory                         Fremont HS     9:20am (tour/stadium)(Var only)   3-2 win

Dec. 4              Tuesday           Palo Alto                     Prospect          5:30 (JV only)

Dec. 6              Thursday          Scotts Valley               Prospect          5:30 (tour)(Var only)    3-0 loss

Dec.8               Saturday           Los Altos                    Fremont HS     7:40am (tour/stadium)(Var only)    3-0 win

Dec. 15            Saturday           Menlo                         Fremont HS     12:00pm (tour/stadium)(Var only)    5-1 loss



Jan. 4               Friday              Evergreen Valley        Prospect          3:15   2-2 tie

Jan. 8               Tuesday          Overfelt                       Overfelt           5:30    2-0 win

Jan. 10             Thursday         Westmont                   Westmont        6:00 (JV @ 4:00) 1-1 tie

Jan. 14             Monday           Lincoln                        Prospect          3:15 4-1 loss

Jan. 16             Wednesday     Del Mar                       Prospect          3:15  rescheduled for 2/11/19

Jan. 18             Friday              Silver Creek                Silver Creek    5:30 (JV @ 3:15)  3-0 win

Jan. 22             Tuesday          Branham                     Branham         5:30 (JV @ 3:15)  2-1 win

Jan. 24             Thursday         Evergreen Valley        EVHS              6:00 (JV @ 4:00)  3-0 win

Jan. 28             Monday           Overfelt                       Prospect          5:30 (JV @ 3:15 in the stadium)  2-0 win

Jan. 30             Wednesday     Westmont                    Prospect         3:15  2-0 win

Feb. 1              Friday               Lincoln                        Lincoln             6:00 (JV @ 4:00)  3-0 win

Feb. 5              Tuesday           Del Mar                       Del Mar            6:00 (JV @ 4:00)  4-0 win

Feb. 8              Friday               Silver Creek                Prospect          3:15  2-2 tie

Feb. 11            Monday            Del Mar                       Prospect          3:15  

Feb. 13            Wednesday      Branham                     Prospect          7:00 (JV @ 4:30 in the stadium)  3-0 win

Feb. 16            Saturday          1st CCS Contest








Week of 2/11/19-2/16/19
Monday: Home game vs Del Mar at 3:15
Tuesday: 3:00-4:30 stadium
Wednesday: Senior game vs Branham at 7pm (seniors arrive by 5:45, non-seniors arrive by 5pm 
Thursday:  Practice 3:00-4:30 (time may be adjusted)
Friday: Practice 3:00-4:30 (time may be adjusted)
Saturday:  First CCS Game TBD
Week of 2/18/19-2/23/19
Monday: 9:30-11:30
Tuesday: 9:30-11:00
Wednesday: CCS Semifinals (TBA)
Thursday: 9:30-11:00
Friday: 9:30-11:00
Saturday:  CCS Finals (TBA)