Philosophy / Mission / Vision

The music program is an essential part of high school, for the performers, school, and community. There is an innate value in shared experiences and the growth and knowledge that comes from artistic group skill development. Our program plays a vital role in providing a wide variety of opportunities to all students, regardless of background, ability, or other commitments. With this in mind, we hold 5 values to be true for our program:
Excellence – We pursue excellence in everything we do, knowing that through the pursuit we learn the focus, resilience, and determination to succeed at every level.
Creativity – We value innovation, originality, and new ideas as we create and perform art that inspires awe, passion, and joy.
Inclusivity – We continuously strive to create a diverse, equitable artistic space that celebrates individual expression while fostering a safe environment.
Integrity – Responsibility, trustworthiness, and fairness are vital in all things - to our students, amongst any music staff and coaches, and in the creation of our art.
Collaboration – The achievement of creative, educational, and moral excellence is only possible when we all work together – to create a better, more cohesive whole.


Music, as a universal language, is a basic expression of human beings. Music provides opportunities for an expression of feeling, a discovery of what the self is like, and builds bridges of understanding, respect, and appreciation between individuals and groups in ways that no other part of the educational experience can duplicate. Every child should have the opportunity to explore and develop his/her abilities to perform, create, listen, and understand music.
At Prospect High School, we strive to:
  • Provide high-end opportunities to all students, maximizing their potential
  • Nurture an enjoyment & understanding of the arts, enriching the quality of life for our students
  • Help students learn to express themselves by providing opportunities for creativity and expression of feelings and ideas through performances
  • Expand individual musical knowledge, interests, skill, and appreciation which will produce intelligent consumers of the arts
  • Offer varied experiences through which students may become acquainted with other art forms and cultures
    Individualize programs to meet the needs of all students
  • Present opportunities for students to develop socially and become better connected with the positive aspects of high school
  • Provide connections to professionals, universities, and other mentors to assist in the transition from high school to college and career
  • Encourage and prepare students for participation in top local youth orchestras and honor groups
My vision for the Prospect HS music program is to Move Together as a Family. My hope during my time as a director of our program is to continue a sense of community, a family bond, that inspires and supports each other through our love for music and this program. I'm sure either performing, listening to, or watching music being performed has ignited a "spark" within you to be involved as a student or to support your student through their experience in the program.