Summer School 2021

Dear Prospect Parents/Guardians:  
We are excited to inform you that Prospect High School will be offering summer school on site for its students this summer.  Summer school offers credit recovery options for students to earn required credits for failed coursework.  Based on a transcript analysis, we have identified your student as a summer school candidate and strongly encourage you and your child to take full advantage of this educational opportunity so that your child can stay on track for graduation. 
Students who do not take advantage of the summer school options will need to make up their required coursework during the 2021-22 school year in order to fulfill Campbell Union High School graduation requirements.  Please be aware, if students do not take advantage of summer school credit recovery, their future elective options will be limited.   
This year’s summer school program is scheduled to begin Monday, June 14 – Thursday, 7/15.  Please see below for the exact dates for summer school. Two periods will be offered during the day, and depending on your student’s recovery needs as well as availability, they will be enrolled in either one or two courses.  The daily schedule will be from 8:00am – 2:30pm. 
Summer School Schedule
If you wish for your child to be enrolled in summer school, please complete the application below and submit to the main office by April 16, 2021
If you wish to submit an electronic application, click below to fill out via Informed K12:
If you have any questions regarding courses and/or summer school, please reach out to your student’s counselor by alpha (see below). 
Sayuri Chen
Summer School Principal
Maria Aguiniga
Counselor (A-Gom)
Aimie Subaba
Counselor (Gon-O)
Shawnee Beeson
Counselor (P-Z)