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Guidance Department

From Left to Right: Maria Aguiniga, Amy Bencomo, Shawnee Beeson, Renee Ereno, Aimie Subaba

Guidance Counselors Caseload by Alpha Phone number
Maria Aguiniga A-G, T-Z x8124
Aimie Subaba H-N, O-S x8121
Shawnee Beeson On Leave x8122

Guidance Secretary/Registrar:
College & Career Center Specialist:
Prospect High School CEEB Code: #053344
(Students will need this code for SAT and ACT testing, as well as college applications)How can your Guidance Counselor help you?The Guidance Counselor at Prospect High can assist you in the following areas:
  • High School Graduation
  • Post High School Planning
  • Communication strategies with students and/or staff 
  • Class Selection
  • College Planning
  • Discussing confidential concerns 

To reach your Guidance Counselor, you can:
  • Email your Guidance Counselor through School Loop
  • Stop by during morning break, at lunch or after school 

What is confidentiality?Confidentiality ensures that what you discuss with your Guidance Counselor is private between you and your Guidance Counselor. We will not discuss these matters with your parents, teachers, school administrators, other students, etc. What is said in this office, remains in this office UNLESS:
  • You or someone you know if being physically or sexually abused (even if it happened a long time ago) 
  • You are going to hurt yourself 
  • You are going to hurt someone else