Community Liaison/Enlace con la Comunidad

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Message from Sandra Moreno, Community Liaison
Welcome to Prospect! My name is Sandra Moreno, and I am the Community Liaison for Prospect High School. I am really excited to be at this school site and to be able to provide services to you and your student. My goal as a Community Liaison is to be able to support all students and families who need additional resources and services, and to be an advocate for you and your student here at Prospect.
As a native Spanish speaker, I am happy to provide translation services to help you interact with teachers, counselors, and/or administrators.  I am located in the Student Services Center, can be reached by email at, and by phone at 408.626.3408 x8141. It is a pleasure to be here and be able to help you and your student ensure school success. Please be on the lookout for more information from me about upcoming meetings and important school events!
How does the Community Liaison support the Prospect community?
A major component of my job is to work with the English Language Learners (ELL) and their families.  I do this through various ways:
  • Monitor your student’s progress on state exams like the ELPAC
  • Work with the English Language Advisory Site Team (ELAST) to discuss student and/or parent needs to ensure academic, social, and emotional success.
  • Schedule and facilitate ELAC (English Language Advisory Committee) meetings to provide parents the tools to actively participate in their students’ education 
  • Collaborate with PIQE to increase parent engagement

In addition to supporting ELLs, I am also here to:
  • Guide students and families on how to navigate a school system
  • Provide academic resources and social services to families in need.  This includes translating for an IEP, food bank resources, Cal-Fresh (EBT Food Stamp) applications, recommendations to immigration and/or legal services, and more!
  • Collaborate with School Counselors and our College & Career Center to inform students and parents about graduation requirements, financial aid, and more!

If you have any questions or concerns about your student’s academic performance, attendance, ways to help at home, etc. feel free to contact Sandra Moreno by phone, email or stop by. It will be a pleasure to meet and help you!
Academic Supports
Prospect High School offers a variety of supports and strategies to help students succeed.  Click below to learn about various supports that are currently being offered on campus as well as online.