School Started! Now What?

Welcome Prospect Panthers to the 2023-24 School Year!!

We are looking forward to opening the school year on Wednesday, August 16.  Please use the information and links on this page to learn more about the necessary dates and events you need to attend prior to the first day of school.

PHS Main Office Hours

The main office is open from 7:30am - 4:00pm daily. 

Next Steps Back!
Emergency Card Update via Aeries
If you have yet to update your emergency contacts and do your data confirmation, please make sure to do so. We will be using this information to determine any students that need financial assistance with special programs like ASB and monthly Bus Passes.
All new to the district students, please click this link to go to the CUHSD enrollment page for enrollment information. 
PE Uniforms
Still need a uniform? You can purchase online or via our Student Store.  If purchased online, please bring the receipt to the Student Store and we will provide you with your clothes.
Student Store hours are during Break and Lunch. We accept cash and credit cards.

Picture Make Ups

For all students that missed Schedule Pick Up, we will be hosting Picture Make Up Session on September 19! Students will receive their photo IDs during this day and the pictures will be used in our Yearbook.  If you have questions, please connect with Ms. Gilmore, our Activities Director, at [email protected].  


ASB Packages: Packages are still available until 9/1!

Blue Package $110 

o ASB Card (Includes Yearbook, free admission to all home and away regular season league games, and discounts on school plays and dances) 

o Class Color Shirt 

Yellow Package $150 

o ASB Card (Includes Yearbook, free admission to all home and away regular season league games, and discounts on school plays and dances) 

o Class Color Shirt 

o Prospect Sweatshirt 

o Socks - Either Black or Pink 

  • The $110 ASB/Yearbook combination will only last through December 31st. After January 1, yearbooks can be purchased for $100 and no longer include ASB while supplies last.
  • All students receive their first student ID card at no cost. If lost or stolen, there is a $10 charge to replace. • Pride Packages are ONLY SOLD UNTIL 9/1. After that, items can be purchased a la carte while supplies last.
Still Need a Chromebook?
Head to the book room to grab a Chromebook from Ms. Contreras from 7:45am - 8:30am. The book room is located in the E-Building across from Rm 30. See campus map if you need further directions.
If you have tech issues, please head to Room 35 to meet with Mr. Stennett.
Course Change Requests


Students must attend their current class schedule until they receive confirmation that their schedule has been changed. Counselors will do their best to make adjustments per course availability. Course Changes that do not fit the following criteria will be processed after September 1st.

Course Change Request


Immediate adjustments will be made for ONLY the following reasons below:

  • Two classes during the same period (i.e. two 2nd periods)
  • Multiple same subjects listed on schedule (i.e. two English 1 classes)
  • A gap in the schedule (i.e. no 2nd or 5th period)
  • Missing a graduation requirement (i.e. no English class)
  • Wrong level per transcript and course sequences (i.e. scheduled into Spanish 3, but only completed Spanish 1)
  • Completed summer course work
  • Has fewer than 5 classes (12th graders) or 6 classes (9-11 graders)

Schedules will NOT be moved for the following reasons:

  • Student wants to move to a different teacher or class period, a different lunch, or to be in a class with friends
  • Student wants to drop a class because they do not want to do the required work
  • Student is not earning an A or B in the class
  • Student does not need the course to graduate.  Per AR 6112 board policy, students must be in at least 240 minutes.


First Days of School Schedule

For the first three days of school, Wednesday through Friday, August 16-18, passing period will begin at 8:20am for the first period of the day, which begins promptly at 8:30.  Students with six periods will finish each of these three days at 1:40 and students with 7th period will end at 3:00 for the first three days of schools.

The regular weekly bell schedule will begin on Monday, August 21. Please see Bell Schedule & A/B calendars enclosed. For further information and schedules, please click here.

All students are expected to be on time for each class from the start of the first period on Wednesday, August 16, 2023 until the last period of the day on June 6, 2024.


Bell Schedule & A/B Schedule

Prospect is on a block schedule; you can find our A/B calendar enclosed below or on our website.  For our Bell Schedule, please see enclosed or click here.


Panthers, Get Involved!

Prospect Athletics

Prospect High School has a robust athletics program.  We are hosting an Athletic Information Night on September 13 @ 7pm in the Student Union. We will review the Athletic program, discuss some upcoming events to get involved, as well as receive an update from Panther Paws!  Until then, see flyer enclosed for a Panther Paws 2nd Annual Golf Tournament Fundraiser!  Come out and support... even if you don't play golf!

For more information about getting involved in the athletic program see flyer enclosed or check out our website on How to Participate. Have questions, contact our Athletic Director, Jason Potmesil, at [email protected].  


Prospect Music

Want to join our music program? Connect with our Music Director, Mr. Gonzales, at [email protected]On September 7, we will be hosting our first Music Booster meeting @ 7pm in the Band Room, rm 49. 


PTSA (Parent Teacher Student Association)

Join and Donate
PTSA uses Totem to help our membership and donation process through a mobile-friendly, easier (for donors and membership volunteers) and more secure system.

Please JOIN/RENEW your membership to PTSA by scanning the QR code below and clicking JOIN or RENEW. 



Parent Groups & Organizations

We invite all parents and guardians to be a part of the several parent/guardian groups and organizations at Prospect.  Please click here to learn how to be involved!


Parent Information & Communication

Back to School Night

BTSN will be held on Thursday, August 31 starting at 6:15pm in the main quad.  There will be a brief welcome by Principal Autrey. Parents and guardians will then follow their student's class schedule and have a chance to meet the teachers. This is a great opportunity to learn more about your student's school day and instructional program.  This is a must attend event.  We look forward to meeting all of you that evening.


Title 1 Informational Meeting

Prospect High School receives Title 1 funding from the federal government base on specific criteria.  These funds are used to enhance and support the learning program for our students.  One of the requirements for receiving these funds is to hold an annual informational meeting open to all parents and students at PHS.

This annual meeting will be held from 5:30-6:00pm on Thursday, August 31 prior to Back to School Night.  A light dinner fare will be provided for those who attend.

For more information regarding Title 1 funding and services, please click this link.


Stay Informed About School News and Events

This year we are committed to providing current and relevant information on our school’s website and in the weekly bulletin.

Principal Autrey also sends out weekly communication on the first day of each week highlighting the events and news for that week.  Links to the website, newsletters and the bulletin will be included in this weekly communication.

Another great resource is our social media pages!  Please follow us on Instagram:

  • @prospect.high
  • @prospect.athletics
  • @phs.wellness
  • @phscollegeandcareer

This page will continue to be updated with other important information.  We are very excited to work with you this school year.  Please contact the main office or other relevant staff members with any questions you have to make the start of this school year smooth and stress free.