Graduation & A-G Requirements

Graduation Requirements and UC/CSU "A-G" Requirements
Students must earn 220 credits in a variety of courses to graduate with a Prospect diploma. Our graduation requirements meet or exceed the minimum admission requirements for UC/CSU schools, commonly known as the A-G requirements. The letters A through G refer to discipline areas indicated below.  Learn more about A-G Requirements.
Subject Requirements
CUHSD Graduation Requirements:
Grade of D- or Better
UC/CSU Requirements: 
Grade of C- or Better
A) History/Soc Sci 2 Years (20 credits) 2 Years
B) English 4 Years (40 credits) 4 Years
C) Math 3 Years (30 credits) 4 Years Recommended
D) Science
3 Years (30 credits):
Biology, Chemistry, & Physics
3 Years Recommended
E) Language Other Than English (LOTE)
2 Years (20 credits)
3 Years Recommended
F) Visual & Performing Arts (VAPA)
1 Year (10 credits)
1 Year
G) College Prep Elective
1 year (10 Credits) or
Can be satisfied with an additional year of any minimum requirement from above
1 Semester (5 credits)
Can be used to satisfy 'G' elective
1 Semester (5 credits)
Physical Education (PE)
2 Years (20 credits)
Not required for admissions to a UC/CSU
Career Tech Education (CTE)/VAPA/Special Programs
10 credits or
20+ Credits earned through VAPA
General Electives
2 Years (20 credits)
Total Credits Needed for Diploma
220 Credits
Diploma is required to attend a 4-Year University.