Academic Supports

Prospect High School offers a variety of supports and strategies to help students succeed.  Below, you'll find various supports that are currently being offered on campus as well as online.
Tutoring & Supports

Prospect Academic Center

The Academic Center is located on the 2nd Floor of our Student Union. Students can access the Academic Center through the outside staircase before and after school.  Please make sure to check in with Ms. Contreras using 5 Star for attendance purposes.  Below are a calendar of supports that will be offered in the Academic Center. Please click the class you need help in to book your appointment!
More coming so keep checking the website!
  ELD Newcomer Academic Support  ELD Enrichment Support.  
Math 1 SupportMath 2 Support
MESA Club   Tutoring

Peer Tutoring for STEM Classes via the MESA Club

Join the MESA club if you're struggling in any of your STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) classes and would like to be tutored by peers here at Prospect! MESA is a peer tutoring club where you can get tutoring support in math and science classes like on-level Biology to AP Computer Science to AP Chemistry. We meet from 3-4pm every Thursday in the Academic Center (second floor of the Student Union).


Online Tutoring Help

Santa Clara County Public Library’s free digital resource Brainfuse HelpNow offers free online tutoring seven days a week. Students will have to use a library card number, see CUHSD's Public Library Webpage for information on your student's library card number. Students can get homework help on any subject from 1 – 10 p.m. every day. Spanish tutors are also available.

Study Hall

Prospect High School offers Study Hall opportunities 4x a week (Tuesday-Friday).  Study hall is an opportunity for students to receive help from teachers, make-up tests, assignments, and quizzes, and work on assignments to minimize workload at home.  Please note that there is no study hall on Mondays, but our Academic Center is open for students if a space is needed to complete work.
If you need support or guidance, please feel free to reach out to your Counselor and/or Assistant Principal.
Credit Recovery Opportunities
Prospect High School provides a number of credit recovery opportunities for students.  Therefore, if you or your student is in need to recover credits, please speak with your Counselor immediately to review your credits and courses needed to graduate and become A-G Eligible.  Please know that credit recovery opportunities are limited in space and will prioritize students from 12th Grade and down.
Below are just a few opportunities that are offered at Prospect and/or District-wide:

Summer School

An opportunity offered at each school site for the past 2 years, the goal is to offer Summer School at Prospect again during the summer.  Please note that summer school prioritizes Seniors and Juniors in need of credits for graduation, and then Sophomore and Freshmen. Applications are typically available in May. Please follow up with your Counselor in May.

7th Period Credit Recovery

Online Instruction: Students can enroll in a 7th period course that occurs Tuesday-Friday on campus. A certificated teacher oversees student work and courses and can provide additional support for students who need help with courses.

CUHSD Summer School 2024

Campbell Union High School District provides a number of credit recovery opportunities during our breaks. The Summer School application window is now closed. More information on Summer School 2024 will be available in April 2024.
How to Ask your Teacher for Help: A Guide to Advocating for Yourself


It can be super scary and intimidating to ask for help, especially with everything going on in your personal life, BUT it is so IMPORTANT!! Getting the help you need early and often will help you improve your grades, achieve your goals, and feel less stressed in the long run. 

It’s okay to make mistakes. Do your personal best and give yourself some grace. If you can incorporate just a few more ways of asking for help into your routine, it can make a big difference in your grades and your stress level. 
  • Teachers want to help you, but if you use phrases like, “please” “thank you” and make sure your tone is kind - even if you are upset- they will be more receptive.
  • When they say no, they mean no. Teachers set boundaries for a reason, they have a lot of work to do and a limited amount of time to do it in
  • Make sure find a time when the teacher isn't surrounded by lots of students, especially if you're nervous asking questions in front of others.
  • Study hall, before or after school, and after class are great times to check in. Teachers are on campus and want to help students. Find a time that works for you and go knock on the door. 
  • Use this outline to help start your conversation “Hi Mr./Ms. ____________, do you have a minute to talk about:
      • The homework assignment? I am having a hard time with it”
      • My grades? I don’t understand why I scored a _____.” 
      • The test coming up? I’m not sure where to start studying.”
Too nervous to ask in person? Send an email. Use this outline to help start your conversation:
  • Hi Mr./Ms. _________, I had some questions about ___________. Could you explain this to me another way? (Note: Teachers will probably ask you to come by and discuss/explain in person)
  • Don’t just say, “Ms./Mr. _____, What can I do to raise my grade?” That is really broad and usually the answer will be something like “do your work”. That doesn’t help anyone and is frustrating for both teachers and students. 
  • Instead try approaching teachers by saying, “I understand ______, but I get confused with __________.” or “Can you explain _________  again, I’m stuck here _____”
  • Make sure to look through your Canvas page and PRIORITIZE your assignments. You don't need to do them all, but instead, focus on those that will help you understand what's going on in class or boost your grade.
      • If you need help with this, print out your grades in the course and set up a time to meet with your teacher to ask if there are assignments she/he would recommend.
Your teachers want to help you understand! If you don’t understand something in the middle of a lesson do one of the following:
  • Raise your hand! - Low pressure ways to publicly ask for help include saying things like: “Could you explain that again/another way?” “ I’m not sure I quite get it. Could you give me an example of what you are talking about?”
  • Develop a hand signal. Many teachers already do a check for understanding where they ask for questions or if you understand what they are talking about with a thumb measure (Thumbs Up- I got it!, Middle- I still need help, thumbs down - I don't get it at all!) Take advantage of this. Be honest when this happens even if you hide your answer from other students. 
  • Know that you have a test coming up and don’t feel ready? Ask early for help! Asking for help to prepare for an exam less than 48 hours before puts stress on teachers and shows you were unprepared. Go ask as soon as you realize you need help. 
  • Ask for help before the end of the semester/grading period. That deadline sneaks up quickly, but don’t wait. Doing things at the last minute doesn’t help with learning or with memory.
  • If you know you need more time to complete an assignment many teachers will grant extensions, but you MUST ask at least 24 hours ahead of time. Don’t assume they will let you turn in work late.
You might be able to find answers to your questions in the syllabus or on Canvas. Teachers post their class rules and policies here. Look there first and come in with follow -up questions if you have them. It will save everyone time and you might get an answer faster.