Panther Paws

Panther Paws supports gap funding for Prospect High School Athletics Program. 100% of the donated money goes to support athletics at PHS.
Areas that we have supported throughout the years include, but are not limited to:
  • Team & Field Equipment
  • Uniform Replenishments
  • Travel Costs
  • Senior Nights Accolades
  • Team Dinner for each sport
  • Scholar Athlete Scholarship
Funding Requests
Panther Paws donates up to $500 per team to help cover the cost of senior night and end of the year banquets. Please have your coach reach out to the Athletic Director for more details.
Other Funding Procedures:
  1. The coach reaches out directly to the Athletic Director with a funding request. Based on the request, the Athletic Director will confer with the Panther Paws Executive Board.
    • For request that are <$2500, funding will likely be approved
    • For requests that are >$2500, Panther Paws will likely fund a portion to ensure equitable distribution of funds across sports.
  2. If approved, funding will be deposited into the team's athletic account for intended use.
Panther Paws believe in quality athletic fundraising opportunities that build community both within the school as well as our Panther Alumni.  Therefore, we host one major fundraising opportunity that brings in approximately $20-$25k a year to support our athletic programs!
Every year in late-April or early-May, Panther Paws works with the Prospect Hall of Fame Committee to host a Gala. An event that brings together former Prospect Athletic talents and current Panther community members, we recognize Alumni from 1968 and on who have made a distinguished mark on our athletic program.
We are currently looking for parents to be a part of our Hall of Fame Gala Committee to support the event. If you are interested, please fill out our interest form!
Hall of Fame Gala Cover