Local Services

Teen Therapy Center Teen Therapy Center (408) 389-3538: Individual, group, and family counseling services (drugs/alcohol, anger, self-esteem, coping skills)
Pathway Society Pathway Society (408) 244-1834: Information and programs for substance abuse, addiction, and rehabilitation. 
Uplift Family Services Uplift Family Services (408) 379-3790, Emergencies: (877) 41-CRISIS (412-7474): 24/7 intensive family services, addiction prevention, foster care, psychiatric services, therapeutic therapy services.
Almaden Valley Almaden Valley Counseling Service (408) 997-0200: The Almaden Valley Counseling Service envisions a community where everyone has access to affordable mental health counseling. AVCS is a community-based, nonprofit counseling agency committed to meeting the mental health concerns of all ages with an emphasis on youth. AVCS offers a full range of counseling services which supports and promotes personal growth, positive family relationships and emotional well-being.
Alum Rock Counseling Center Alum Rock Counseling Center (408) 294-0500, 24/7 Crisis Hotline (408) 294-2451:  Programs, offered individually or in various combinations focus on: early childhood development and parent coaching, middle school student mentoring, life skills development, truancy reduction, gang-related services, mobile crisis response and counseling, case management, child abuse and neglect prevention and community outreach.
Planned Parenthood Planned Parenthood (408) 281-9777: General heath care, pregnancy testing and services, HIV testing, birth control.
Indian Health Center Indian Health Center (408) 445-3400:The Indian Health Center of Santa Clara Valley is a 501(c)3, non-profit, Urban Indian Health Center funded by the Indian Health Service and a 330 Federally Qualified Health Center funded by the Bureau of Primary Health Care. If you are low-income, have no health insurance, or can't use your health insurance because of cost, we have a variety of programs that can help you in paying for health services. We can also help you in enrolling in the state Medi-Cal and other health coverage programs.