Clubs & Organizations

Prospect has a strong and vibrant club culture. With around 80 clubs organizing on campus, there's something for everyone! Club Rush happens once each semester, but you're always welcome to contact a club advisor or attend a meeting if you're interested in joining one of our organizations.
Questions about clubs or wanting to start a club should be directed to our Executive Vice President, Calvin Cha, or to our Activities Director, Mrs. Gilmore, at [email protected].
AI Club Academic Ms. Shoenhair [email protected] Manvik Pasula
Animanga Interest Ms. Antony [email protected] Grace Wang
Art Club Interest Ms. Dawson [email protected] Laura Zhao
ASB/Leadership Class Mrs. Gilmore [email protected] Carisa Ito
Asian Student Union Culture Ms. Tsai [email protected] Tyler Sales
Astronomy Club Interest Mr. Chisholm [email protected] Suvrath Arvind
Badminton Club Interest Ms. Rader [email protected] Erin Chang
Baking and Cooking Club Interest Ms. Valadez [email protected] Lydia Tan
Best Buddies Service Ms. Peters [email protected] Tianna Endo
BioMed Club Academic Ms. Antony [email protected] Guillaume Zhi
Bridge To High School Service Ms. Shoenhair [email protected] Fumika Ono
BSU Culture Ms. Bencomo [email protected] Fiona Aman
California Scholarship Federation Service Mr. Chang [email protected] Sierra Meisel
Chess Club Interest Ms. Shoenhair [email protected] Liam Salib and Vineet Rao
Class of 2024 Class Mr. Munro [email protected] Isaiah Ramirez
Class of 2025 Class Mr. Nicolacopulos   Juliana Fiss
Class of 2026 Class Ms. Serna [email protected] Jacob Carleton
Climate Crew Service Ms. Dee [email protected] Allison Tsai
Craft Club Interest Ms. Marcadal [email protected] Vani Garg
CREW Club Interest Ms. Halas [email protected] Nidhi Nadgir
Cricket Club Interest Ms. Shoenhair [email protected] Neel Manjeshwar
Crochet Club Interest Ms. Dawson [email protected] Lakshmi Pushparaj
Culture of Service Club Service Ms. Antony [email protected] Vennela Chimakurty
Cycling Club Interest Ms. Colclough [email protected] Suvrath Arvind
Data Science Club Academic Ms. Marcadal [email protected] Pranav Saravanan
DECA Academic Ms. Colclough [email protected] Allyson Lee
ELD Community Service Ms. Halas [email protected] Alessandra Vasquez
eSports Nation Interest Mr. Gilmore [email protected] Guillaume Zhi
Fantasy Basketball Interest Mr. Blair [email protected] Jacob Eng
Fashion Club Interest Ms. Campanella [email protected] Aleena Apel
Feminist Student Union Service Ms. Meeker [email protected] Princella Barfiled
French Club Culture Madame Garceau [email protected] Aasma Dhawan
Future Business Leaders of America Academic Mr. Furlong [email protected] Aaryaman Singh
Game Design Club Interest Madame Garceau [email protected] Xin-Le Yun
GIDAS Academic Ms. Rader [email protected] Manvik Pasula
History And Geography Club Academic Ms. Colclough [email protected] Ethan Chang
Interact Service Ms. Bencomo [email protected] kelly pham
International Cuisine Club Interest Ms. Marcadal [email protected] Tejas Arya
Jazz Club Interest Mr. Gonzales [email protected] Max Knudson
Jewish Student Union Culture Mr. Blair [email protected] Jacob Kahn
Newspaper Club Academic Ms. Hood [email protected] Saanvi Sahoo
Key Club Service Ms. Serna [email protected] Disha Yaliwal
Latinos Unidos Culture Ms. Serna [email protected] Anthony Arias
LEAPS Academic Ms. Leibundgut [email protected] Claire Bui
Letters Of Love Service Ms. Campanella [email protected] Stacia Levin
Math Club Academic Ms. Shoenhair [email protected] Akshath Kandadai
MESA Academic Ms. Dee [email protected] Karen Gong
Mock Shark Tank Club Academic Ms. Chu [email protected] Julia Gurbuz
Mock Trial Academic Ms. Cantone [email protected] Tanvi Garg
Model United Nations Academic Ms. Colclough [email protected] Akshath Kandadai
Neuropsych Academic Ms. Chu [email protected] Sania Jain
NSB/Science Club Academic Ms. Leibundgut [email protected] Sophia Tian
Pacific Islander Student Union Culture Mr. Furlong [email protected] Sianalai Tautolo
Pals Service Ms. Leibundgut [email protected] Abigail Dasalla
Peace of Paper Service Ms. Conway [email protected] Elise Katayama
Philosophy Club Academic Mr. Smith [email protected] Sania Jain
Photography Club Interest Ms. Ulrich [email protected] Jolynn Grindeland
Physics Club Academic Ms. Buhler [email protected] Ritvik Rustagi
Programming Club Academic Ms. Chu [email protected] Amrik Verma
Prospect Music Education Academic Mr. Gonzales [email protected] Bruno Piccoli
Prospect Water Service Ms. Cassidy [email protected] Shannon Duisenberg
Queer Student Union Culture Mr. Gonzales [email protected] Clay Whelan
Red Cross Club Interest Ms. Rader [email protected] Vennela Chimakurty
Rock Climbing Club Interest Ms. Dee [email protected] Calvin Cha
RPG Club Interest Mr. Slimak [email protected] Makenzie Lee
SASU Culture Ms. Antony [email protected] Nishka Saxena
Speech and Debate Academic Mr. Elliott [email protected] Akshath Kandadi
STEM Club Service Mr. Liu [email protected] Nidhi Nadgir and Emily Higgins (co-presidents)
SWE - Girls Can Code Academic Ms. Chu [email protected] Aarna Sahu
SWENext Robotics Academic Mr. Slimak [email protected] Marcus Lau
Tennis Club Interest Mr. Chisholm [email protected] Patrick Hayes
The Filipino Club / renamed to Kultura Pilipino Culture Ms. Dee [email protected] Marsha Briones
The Health Is Wealth Service Mr. Nguyen [email protected] Anna Ng
Writing Improvement and Public Speaking Academic Mr. Manning [email protected] Carter Gasioawski
Yoga and Meditation Club (YAM) Interest Ms. Eich [email protected] Kushal Khajuria
Thank you to Prospect parent Fred Worley for these wonderful photos!