Students use Canvas to communicate with teachers, to find the materials used in classes, and to keep track of assignments and grades.
Here are some very helpful materials to help navigate Canvas. The videos were created by our Prospect Assistant Principal, Ms. Chen. Please note, the videos were created prior to distance learning so references to distance learning at the start of the recording can be ignored.
Video - English
  • Part I: Logging in and exploring courses, assignments, and grades. View here »
  • Part II: How to reduce notification e-mails + a tour of Prospect's website. View here »
Video - Español
  • Parte I: Iniciar sesión a través de la aplicación (por teléfono). Ver aquí »
  • Parte II: Características de la aplicación (por teléfono). Ver aquí »
Frequently Asked Questions
Canvas uses symbols, colors, icons, and more to help students, parents, and teachers understand what is graded, what has comments, what is a quiz and more.  Here is a handy explanation for it all!
Using your web browser:
  1. Click on "Account" on the left hand side
  2. Click on Notifications
From there, you can set permissions on how you wish to receive them. See graphic below for helpful tips.

Icon LegendIcon Legend


*Recommended Notification Preferences:

*Recommended preferences below are for a student that is capable of navigating distance learning on their own. If your student needs additional support and monitoring, please feel free to increase frequency of notification. Moving your cursor over the category will provide further detail.
Preference 2
Aeries is the holder of all our student information such as Attendance, Transcripts, Demographic data, test scores, and more.  At the 6-wk, 12-wk and Semester mark, these grades can be found in Aeries. 
Canvas is our instructional tool that Prospect is using to disseminate curriculum and instruction to students. It is also where our students are submitting assignments and receiving updates to graded assignments.
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