AP Exam Sign Ups!

AP EXAM SIGN-UP INFORMATION for students taking the exam in May 2022

  • Cost of each exam $98
  • The late order as well as unused/canceled exams will be an extra $40 per exam.
  • Deadline to pay for Exams October, 22  2021 (yes, the college board specifies a different date on their website but the school needs to check for the number of tests being ordered and the correct tests/accommodation needs.)
  • If you are experiencing financial hardship or are on free/reduced. Please contact Ms. Grewal.
  • Where and How Do We Pay?: Click here to access the student store and then on the upper tab using the drop down menu to find AP and the list of the exams. Select the exams you wish to take. Remember $98 per exam.
  • If you are taking an exam for a class you do not have at the school or are taking it elsewhere – it is important that you see/communicate with Ms. Grewal to obtain a JOIN CODE for the exam only test.
    • If you are in Calc AB or BC, you get the join code for the class you are in from your teacher. If for some reason, you want to switch the AB or BC exam – it is important that you see/communicate with Ms. Grewal
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