Work Permits

Work Permit Application Instructions 

All current Campbell Union High School District students under the age of 18 require a Work Permit. The CUHSD will only issue Work Permits to students who have met the following standards:
  • Student must have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA
  • Student must have satisfactory attendance
  • Student must be in good standing
Steps to fill out the application:
  1. Complete top section (Minor’s information) and have parent or guardian sign and date at the bottom
  2. Student shall have no outstanding bills.
  3. The second section is to be completed by the employer. Be sure ALL information is given, and the supervisor has signed and printed their name.
  4. Take the completed application to Student Services for approval by the Assistant Principal. If the above requirements are met, the AP will sign and return to student.
  5. Take the signed work permit to the Library to be approved and initialed by the Library Clerk.
  6. The Library Clerk will then process your work permit. Make sure the social security number provided is accurate.
Please note that work permits can be revoked at any time for the following reasons:
  • Attendance
  • Discipline
  • Grades
For more information, please email Ms. Contreras at [email protected] in the Library.
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