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Prospect High School

Prospect High School's Background and History

Prospect High School, established in 1968, is located on the west side of the Santa Clara County’s Silicon Valley. Our 14-building campus is spread over 29 acres near the base of the Santa Cruz Mountains. Located within the city limits of Saratoga, our students reside in the communities of San Jose (80%), Campbell (15%) and Saratoga (5%). Prospect is at the crossroads of the tenth largest city in the United States and several smaller communities, and our student population reflects those demographics.

PHS has a population of approximately 1,450 students, 72 certificated staff (teachers, admin and counselors) and 28 support staff (clerical,custodial, cafeteria, and aides). Our class size average is 32 students per academic class. We stress a standards-based curriculum in an atmosphere that is safe, challenging, and supportive.


Prospect's Motto: Choose Success!

In 2013, Prospect adopted the schoolwide motto, "Choose Success!"  The concept of "Choose Success!" can be applied in all aspects of students' lives:
  • Choose Success in the Classroom –  come to class on time, prepared, and ready to learn.
  • Choose Success during Study Hall – Study Hall is a daily 30-minute opportunity for students to meet with teachers and peers to review concepts, practice skills, study for tests, prepare for projects, etc.  
  • Choose Success and Get Involved – become a part of our campus and participate in sports, school clubs, and school events. Parents are encouraged to get involved through our many booster clubs and the PTSA.
  • Choose Success with Naviance – utilize this valuable resource for high school and post high school plans.
Prospect's Expected SchoolWide Learning Results (ESLRs) 
Prospect Students Should Be: 

Effective Communicators: Able to read and comprehend a variety of materials; convey information and ideas in written, visual, and/or non-verbal forms; actively listen to enhance understanding.

Critical Thinkers: Able to use creative and critical thinking skills to analyze and solve problems across the curriculum; apply problem-solving and decision-making skills to real life.

Self-Directed Learners: Able to prioritize, plan, and take action to accomplish goals; manage time and resources efficiently and independently; apply knowledge and skills in multiple settings.

Contributing Citizens: Able to demonstrate an understanding of the rules and processes that govern communities; respect diversity and the rights of others; apply practices that preserve the emotional and physical safety and health of one's self and others; respect the environment.