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Paul Pinza » Meet Our Principal, Paul Pinza!

Meet Our Principal, Paul Pinza!

Paul Pinza profile picHometown:
San Jose, CA
Alma mater:  
UC Santa Cruz (B.A.), National University (M.S.)
About me:
I began my education career in the Fall of 1999 as an English teacher and debate coach at Westmont High School. I taught nearly the entire spectrum, from remedial reading and English Language Development for newly arrived immigrants to the Senior Project and writing my own AP English Language course. I was also part of California's ELA/ELD Framework writing committee, helping to develop and draft the state's official approach to English under the Common Core. I spent five years as an Associate Principal at W.C. Overfelt High School on the East Side of San Jose before returning to the Campbell district as Prospect's Principal in July 2018.
Best part of my job:
Watching the forming of new connections. Students making new friends, discovering a hidden talent, or the dawn of learning when a new piece of wisdom hits them. Teachers connecting with students, lending them just the right support and guidance at exactly the right time. Staff recognizing the impact they have on an entire community. Parents seeing their children, for the first time, as a young adult.
Tips for success @ PHS:
Make those connections. Say hi to people you don't know - students and adults. Stay curious. It's OK to wonder why things are done the way they are. Ask questions. Make suggestions. And know that you never ever ever have to go it alone.
Something interesting about me:
For the past five years, my wife and I have participated in Silicon Valley Shakespeare's 48-Hour Play Festival. She writes and I direct (and, more often than not, I end up playing a small role, too.)
One more thing:
We are proud that our school has one of the highest percentages of students born outside of the U.S. We are committed to keeping all students safe from all forms of prejudice, harassment, and injustice.