• Leading Monday Meetings, Facilitating class time and running Exec meetings. Class bonding time and staff appreciation.

*Vice President

  • Running meetings in lieu of President absence, manages all club and club events.


  • Keeps all ASB minutes, School Calendar, and school wide monitors project plans.


  • Keeps track of all ASB expenses, approves, tracks, and monitors all club, sports and ASB finances. Manages the student store.

*Student Representative

  • Runs, manages, facilitates students senate meetings. Attends PTSA meetings on behalf of leadership and solicit/represent student voice. Works with the ELD Program.

Media (1-2 per grade)

  • Run, manage, update the ASB/Leadership social media accounts

Spirit Commission (15-20 Students)

  • Create, Run and manage the student section at sporting events, spirit days, and intramural sport events.

Outreach Commission (5-10 Students)

  • Creates events catered towards Propsect’s diverse community that specializes in mental health and the well-being of students. Runs and manages donation drives.

Student Manager (1 per grade) 

  • Manage all ASB gear and equipment. Set-up/take down of the sound system. Manages Pounce the mascot and sound at sporting events.

* = Elected Positions (1 per grade level)

Rest are appointed through application and interview process.