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Facilities News

Construction and Facilities Update - September 15, 2019

The Gym

This project was scheduled for completion by August 5, but the crew was so far behind in their progress that, as of last week, they have been terminated. This means the gym is open again for our use; however, the project (which includes seismic work and HVAC installation) will be on hold, likely until the summer, while a new crew is hired.

Girls volleyball at Saratoga

Girls Volleyball - seen here at Saratoga - will host its first home game of the season on September 19th!!

The Pool

New pool design Summer 2020This project is scheduled to start in earnest on Thursday, September 19th with demolition that will be extremely loud and heard across campus and into the neighborhood. The delayed start of this project is due to the district hiring a new crew to avoid errors that were made during the other sites’ pool projects. All signs indicate that our pool will be open for use by this coming summer.

New pool entrance Summer 2020

Traffic & Parking

To address the congestion as cars exit onto Prospect Rd., we contacted the City of San Jose to adjust the green light at Lyle and allow more cars to proceed towards Campbell after dis- missal. This has greatly improved the exit time, and we’ll request the same adjustment in the morning. To allow for more parking in the staff lot, we are hoping to add signage that allows visitors to park on our yellow curb in front from 8:30am-2pm. 

Parking banner

Main office traffic sign

Banners such as these will be posted on the perimeter fences to remind drivers where they can and cannot park.

Classrooms near the stadium

After the architects and engineers failed to properly address the soil issue last year, they were let go and the project was put out to new bidders. Design meetings are beginning this week, and affected staff will be brought in to collaborate. The design timeline is being shortened so the project can move forward quickly. We anticipate construction occurring in Summer & Fall of 2020 with a Christmas 2020 move-in. Classroom Rough layout Dec 2020(Pictured above is an unofficial draft sketch of the project. One possible change could be a re-model of Building A in order to accommodate SAILS, with more rooms dedicated to General Ed in the space shown above.)

Here are some instructions from Mr. Pinza on how to use our new, safer drop-off area!
We have updated the front of our school to make dropping off students much safer and easier.
The visitor and staff parking spaces in front of the main office have been eliminated. In their place will be a dedicated student drop-off zone so that students do not have to walk through oncoming traffic to reach campus.
Parents should enter campus from the light at Lyle only. 
Use only the left lane to drop-off your student.
The right lane will be a "Do Not Stop" lane for exiting only.
Visitors who will be parking and staying on campus should enter from Prospect Road (far left driveway in the picture) and park in the lot there before signing in at the front office.
We believe this will greatly improve the flow of traffic at the start and the end of the school day, and most critically, this should keep our students and drivers much safer.