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Facilities News

New for 2019-20: Drop-Off Area in front of school!

Here are some instructions from Mr. Pinza on how to use our new, safer drop-off area!
We have updated the front of our school to make dropping off students much safer and easier.
The visitor and staff parking spaces in front of the main office have been eliminated. In their place will be a dedicated student drop-off zone so that students do not have to walk through oncoming traffic to reach campus.
Parents should enter campus from the light at Lyle only. 
Use only the left lane to drop-off your student.
The right lane will be a "Do Not Stop" lane for exiting only.
Visitors who will be parking and staying on campus should enter from Prospect Road (far left driveway in the picture) and park in the lot there before signing in at the front office.
We believe this will greatly improve the flow of traffic at the start and the end of the school day, and most critically, this should keep our students and drivers much safer.