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Prospectives newsletter

Welcome to the 2019-20 School Year, Panthers!

I hope you all have had an incredible summer filled with your favorite activities, quality time with loved ones, and all the things that allow you to rest and re-charge for another exciting school year. 
We have been working hard on several projects that we feel can really "level-up" the educational experience here at Prospect, including improved facilities, new furniture, and perhaps the biggest announcement of all:
At registration this year, every single student will be issued their own Chromebook!!!
Yes, we will become the second "1:1" school in the district, giving all students equal access to the technology they need to thrive in their learning! We will also be adding on-campus resources to provide technical support for students and staff. I cannot wait to see what everyone will create, unlock, and achieve with their own Chromebook. Owning our future has never felt so limitless! 
You will receive in the mail instructions for registering your student for 2019-20. There are two kinds of "registration" that all families must complete: 
* the online process in Aeries, where you update the emergency contact information for your student, and
* the in-person registration that your student completes at Prospect in order to receive their schedules.
Our front office re-opens July 29th, and we will have staff available on-site the 29th, 30th, and 31st to help families complete online registration. 
In-person registration for incoming freshmen will take place on Monday, August 5th (as part of freshman orientation), and on Tuesday, August 6th, all other grades will register. You should receive a letter in the mail that will specify where and when to report.
We are working to create a better Parent Portal on our website to allow you to access all the various pages you may need (for re-registering online or joining PTSA or registering your student-athlete or completing a free lunch application). Check out the Portal here if you are not sure how to complete any of these steps as you prepare your student for the new school year. 
Below is a calendar of the next two weeks. Campus will already be very busy as we get ready to kick-off the year! You may also want to check out the many campus improvements in the works for this year, including a new drop-off area in front of the school! 
I can't wait to see all of you again for another fantastic year. 
Go Panthers!
Paul C. Pinza