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Prospect Ridge
Student Services » Discipline


Prospect’s Assistant Principals, Mr. Tuomy and Mr. Arnett, are based in the Student Services Center and are supported by the Attendance Clerk and Health Clerk. The APs have oversight of attendance and student behavioral issues, and coordinate with our Guidance Counselors to support students academically. In addition to supporting students and staff, the APs oversee the safety and integrity of the entire Prospect campus.

Prospect’s Assistant Principals and Guidance Counselors work together to provide students the formative support and resources they will need in order to achieve in high school. The Student Services Center is the starting point for alternative services and student interventions that may be beneficial to students seeking to achieve. In our lively and diverse learning community, the APs routinely remind everyone of our school’s shared behavioral expectations in a simple way: “Take care of business, and play nice in the sandbox!”

Mr. Brian Tuomy (A-L)
Mr. Jeffrey Arnett (M-Z)