Prospect Music Boosters

Stay connected with our Music Boosters:
The Prospect Music Booster Club is an excellent way for parents to get involved in the Music Programs at Prospect HS. The purpose of the organization is to promote and support the music students and performing groups of the Prospect Music Program. They promote and encourage musical excellence in the program, teamwork, and cooperation in all activities, and an environment of mutual respect and dignity.


The Music Boosters serve the Prospect Music Program publicly, physically, and financially.

  1. Publicly: They communicate the exceptional quality of the program to the community at large.
  2. Physically: They serve as volunteers whenever and wherever needed. They organize the snack shack at football games, manage uniforms, sell tickets for concerts, and hundreds of other jobs that just have to be done.
  3. Financially: They ensure the success of the instrumental music program by keeping the program financially stable. They plan and organize fundraisers and sponsorships, manage student accounts, and manage the budget.
Because the Music Boosters are such an integral part of a successful program, your involvement is key and is always greatly appreciated.
Music parents provide the tools of every trade so our students can enjoy an endless source of practical knowledge and wisdom unselfishly shared with our musical community. Without fail, EVERYONE has something to give. However, your most important contribution will always be your presence.
Simply being involved sends a powerful message to your son or daughter. You become a role model of conviction. There is no substitute for this precious and priceless gift.


Have Fun! Volunteer! Socialize! Support the Students!