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Music Courses Available at Prospect 
(depending on staffing and enrollment, not all classes will run each year as a part of the master schedule.)
Wind Ensemble: This advanced band course is designed to extend the development of the serious music student. This class explores concert repertoire of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries. The ensemble performs frequently and may include travel to festivals. Rehearsals outside the class period may be required to prepare for concerts and festivals.
Prerequisite: Audition
Symphonic Band: is a performance-based ensemble open to students who have prior experience on their instrument and the ability to read music. The ensemble consists of wind and brass instruments and percussion. Many styles of music are studied from classical to modern works. Study includes the care and cultivation of tone, building technique, responsible rehearsal habits, listening skills, and the ability to analyze and evaluate music and music performances. Several performances outside the school day may be required.
String Orchestra: is open to all orchestral string musicians. The instrumentation of the ensemble consists of violin, viola, cello, and double- bass. A wide variety of literature is studied from early baroque to modern compositions. Emphasis is placed on proper technique, musicianship, building responsible rehearsal habits, and developing listening and music reading skills. This is a performance-oriented ensemble, and therefore, campus and community performances are a required component of the class.
Jazz Ensemble: This course extends the skills developed in Symphonic Band and adds jazz technique to the classically trained musician. Emphasis is placed in the areas of jazz history, theory, and performance. Students enrolled in Jazz Ensemble learn the fundamental aspects of jazz through the performance of standard literature from the 1920s to the present. Students perform at two or more concerts and festivals per year. All performances are required.
Prerequisite: Concurrent enrollment in a school music ensemble or audition
Concert Choir: Students gain the knowledge and skills that enable them to sing all levels of music literature in a choir. This principle singing group performs at several concerts, festivals, or other events during the school year. Participation at all performances is required. All aspects of music literature are studied, ranging from early classics to contemporary music.  
Guitar: This course develops the knowledge of guitar techniques with an emphasis on learning to read music and developing the abilities to learn and understand the playing techniques used in playing the classical guitar.