Campus Construction

Prospect High School is modernizing!  We're excited about the large and small construction projects that have been happening around campus. These include upgrades to campus security features, accessibility, and climate control systems, as well as improvements to or construction of facilities that directly affect Prospect's academic and extracurricular program such as athletic facilities and classrooms. These projects are possible thanks to the generous support of our community and the passage of Measure AA. Prospect High School thanks you!
Photos and updates regarding current PHS projects can be found below! Please notes, renderings are initial mock ups. Further details on aesthetic designs are always a work in progress.
For the most up-to-date source of information about these projects can be found on the district's website.  Click here to visit Prospect's Facilities Master Plan & Project Updates page on the CUHSD website.
On Tuesday, December 6, we had our Grand Opening for our new Student Union!  While not fully open to the community, our community members were able to enter the building to see and explore all that the Union has to offer. We look forward to opening to our student body next semester 2023! Until then, here are some sneak peaks into our new Prospect Student Union!
Stu Union
Student Union Stu Union 
The exterior of the Student Union is so stunning even in the dreary rain!
Stu Union  Stu Union
The interior space resembles a college campus with plenty of seating for our students!  This will make for a great space to gather classes, our community, and host events!
Stu Union  Stu Union
It also houses flexible classroom spaces and offices, a lounge area for students to decompress, and a state of the art kitchen for our students!  We can't wait to get hot food again on campus!   
Student Union Timelapse
Prospect High School is getting a new pool! Below is a live feed of the construction work as well as some photo updates with a new and exciting look!
pool pool pool
Interim Housing has been installed to accommodate not only our Student Union construction, but our growing staff and student body!  These portables will stay in place while our Student Union construction project continues as well as the construction of our new classrooms.
More information about the new classrooms near the student parking lot and stadium to come.
Interim HousingInterim Housing
Located to the East of our Performing Arts Center, here are the new homes for Mr. Liu (math) and Mr. Lorenzo (Biology)!
McGowan's PortableMore Portables
Ms. Kanekhal (math) new home will be located near our weight room while Mr. Fujita (math) and Mr. Pollard (math) will be housed in the portables near Prospect's baseball field. 
Have ideas on how to beautify our back area? Have a planter box to donate... and a green thumb?
Contact Ms. Chen at [email protected]
New and improved A/V system in the gym!  Now our school rallies, presentations, and athletics will be in high-def and full blown!  (Sadly, we haven't learned how to bring the screen down.... but you can see how BIG it is!)
New PHS Wing
Starting Winter 2023