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School Closure » Panther Pride - The Class of 2020

Panther Pride - The Class of 2020

Hello Senior Families!
Grad2020 Save Darte
We are very excited to share our plan for the Class of 2020 Graduation. 
Prospect will be working with Envision Pro AV to create a Hybrid Virtual and Live Graduation.  
Envision will create a website devoted to our Prospect Seniors (an enhanced version of this Panther Pride page on our website). The seniors are invited to submit photos and answer some questions about their time at Prospect, which will be posted on this new website. On June 2nd and 3rd during designated times (see below for schedule), your senior will have the opportunity to walk the stage of the quad in their cap and gown for their part of the graduation ceremony.  
The graduate's immediate family will be allowed into the quad to stand in the audience area and view their senior crossing the stage and receiving their diploma. All social distancing practices will be enforced. Please make sure to thoroughly read the Graduation Letter (in English & Spanish) sent to all seniors for further information regarding procedures that ensure social distancing practices. ****If a family member is elderly or immunocompromised, we ask that they do not attend.  
Each senior will be filmed crossing the stage and receiving their diploma. We will also be filming all the components of our traditional graduation - principal's opening remarks, senior speeches, awards, etc. All of these lasting memories will be edited together in the final product. The edited ceremony video will be broadcast at a later date and stored on the website for six month so extended family members can view it.
Please make sure that your family and the senior arrive only at the designated times listed below. Seniors that arrive too early or late may be turned away in order for us to ensure a safe environment for all.

Graduation Filming Schedule, by LAST NAME:

Tuesday, June 2

8am -  A-B

9am -  C-D

10am - E - Hill

11am - Hoang - Liu

Wednesday, June 3

8am -  Lomax - M

9am - N - Roensch

10am -  Romero - Taylor

11am - Thakur - Z

More details to come, but save the date! Friday, June 12 at 6pm - The Class of 2020 Commencement Ceremony – First Broadcast!
Celebrating our c/o 2020!
Check out our Seniors performing "Where Do We Go From Here" from the musical, Amelie.
4/27-5/1 Senior Spring Sports, Drama, Art and Music Appreciation
Click below for each photo gallery