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Message from Mr. Pinza

Dear Panther Community,


I hope you have been able to stay safe and healthy during this strange week. I often find myself feeling like there is a great deal of information floating around these days, and yet, we still have a lot of uncertainty. And naturally, when we don’t have clear answers, even if we have a lot of information, that still leaves us with plenty of stress, anxiety, even fear.


So I want to assure all of you that while our campus may be closed off to students and even most of our staff, Prospect High School is still here. We are committed to providing essential services to our community throughout this extraordinary time.


To that end, our teachers are preparing to launch supplemental online learning on Monday. Please make sure that your students check their school-issued email as well as Schoolloop. If you need a Chromebook or a hotspot to provide internet access, please visit the main office between 11-1:30, Monday through Friday to pick one up.


We have created a weekly schedule that your students can follow to access coursework activities. Teachers will use either Schoolloop or Google Classroom to post the activities, so it’s very important that students follow each teacher’s instructions carefully.


The weekly schedule will be divided into a morning block from 8-11am and an afternoon block from 1-4pm. Teachers from different subject areas will be available during each block:


Online Learning Schedule


In addition, we have two “Office Hours” blocks during the week – Tuesday in the morning and Friday in the afternoon. These will be similar to online study hall, with many teachers and staff available via email, Google Hangouts, or other platforms to answer questions and lend support.


Look for a video tutorial from me to be posted later today that will walk students through the online learning process.


I’m confident that this will be a great opportunity for all students to stay connected to their learning and to each other, even during this time of physical distancing.


I’m proud of all our Panthers for the resilience and patience you are showing so far. We will get through this, and we’ll do it together.


GO Panthers!


Paul C. Pinza


Prospect High School


@misterpinza - Twitter, Instagram