Hybrid Program 2021

UPDATE! Check the list below to see if you're enrolled in the Hybrid for Level 4, starting Monday, 4/26!


Frequently Asked Questions

Please continue to check the live sheet above to see if your students is allowed to come to campus, and on which days! 
If you're interested in participating in the Hybrid program, or would like to change your preference, please call the front office at 408.626.3408. 
If a family wants to change from hybrid to distance learning for any reason, they will need to speak to their Assistant Principal to discuss their change of preference.  Until the request has been approved, the student is expected to attend in-person learning on their designated days.

If a family wants to go from distance learning to hybrid, this proves to be more difficult, as it depends on space availability.  Families can put in a request by calling the Main Office at 408.626.3408. Please note that there is no guarantee the request will be granted. Tuesday, April 20 is the last day that families can request to join the hybrid program.
Students will check in at one of the three gates identified for student entry - Gate B, E, or G.  Please see directional map on the right hand side for locations.  It is highly advised that students access gates from the student parking lot as there is heavy construction on the west side of campus near the staff lot. Students are able to choose any of the three gates for check in. Please make sure that the Health Check form is completed prior to arrival and that the student has their student ID card readily available for check in.
Students should bring a mask, their Chromebook and charger, their school ID card, and any supplies they will need to get through their classes for the day. Lunch will be provided on campus, but snacks will not be offered.
The goal is NO.  We are trying to keep student schedules in tack so they can keep to their current schedule.  That being said, if a schedule change is necessary, your counselor will let you know.
For the first week or so of on-campus learning, students will only have a passing period to get from one classroom to another.  Therefore, there will not be a typical break.  Please take that into consideration as you plan your morning routine - make sure you eat breakfast! Students will be moving around campus in "stable cohorts" - a group of about 50-60 students that have the same teachers.  This also applies to lunch.  Students will be offered lunch services on campus, and will have designated spaces to eat within their cohort.
Students will be allowed to use the restroom during class and lunch, but are expected to follow all social distancing protocols.  Therefore, bathrooms, especially during break and lunch will be supervised and monitored to ensure students are not congregating in bathrooms.  For more information, please see the Prospect High School Parent/Guardian Guide to Phased Return to In-Person Instruction, page 9.
If a student becomes sick while on campus, they will be sent to see our Health Clerk, Mrs. Rodrieguez.  If they are exhibiting COVID like symptoms, they will be taken to an isolated space on campus to wait for a family member to pick them up.  If the student tests positive for COVID, then their stable cohort will be notified about exposure, and next steps will be taken. For this reason, it is extremely important to stay with your cohort during classes and lunch so that contact tracing can be conducted effectively.
In total, a little over 400 students will be invited on campus starting April 12.  This includes 9th graders and students that are having troubles academically and they would benefit from in person instruction.  Students will only be on campus A days OR B days, so there will be about 200 students on campus at any given time.  
Students will be moving around campus in "stable cohorts" - a group of about 50-60 students that have the same teachers are considered a cohort. 
If a teacher is not back on campus, you will be Zooming from a hub with others in your stable cohorts.  There will be 6 hubs for students that need to Zoom with a teacher that is still working distance.
Yes, teachers will be teaching simultaneous instruction - so, they will have a small group of students (about 10-12 in most classrooms) in person, and the rest of their students will be distance learning over Zoom.  
Desks are distanced by 6 feet, with plexi shields on each desk.  Students will be working on their Chromebooks.
All in-person PE students will be reporting to either the Main Gym (10th grade students) or Small Gym (9th grade students) to begin class.  Teachers will then disperse to different locations, if needed or appropriate per the curriculum and instruction needs.  Desks and shields will not be provided, but students are still expected to follow social distancing protocols.  Outdoor tent spaces will also be available to allow students to be outdoors.  

PE students will be expected to wear "clothes they can exercise in" on their PE days as the locker rooms will not be in use.  Please note no one will be docked points for not being in PE uniform, etc.
Teachers will have students wipe down their desks and chairs with disinfectant wipes before they leave the classroom for their next class.  At the end of the school day, the custodial staff will be fogging every classroom with disinfectant spray, and the desks and chairs will be wiped down. Please see the Prospect High School Parent/Guardian Guide to Phased Return to In-Person Instruction, page 6 for further details on Saftey and Prevention Protocols.
The Prospect High School Parent/Guardian Guide to Phased Return to In-Person Instruction as a lot of information regarding school re-opening.  Please see page 8 for more details regarding this subject.
Please note that if Air Quality conditions slip into the red category during a school day, schools will remain open and students will be moved to the most acceptable locations on the campus.  Parents may remove students from school if they are concerned about air quality that worsens during the day. 
Getting Set Up on Parent Square
Parent Registration emails for Parent Square will be going out the week of APRIL 5!
Check your spam folder and do not delete an email from PARENT SQUARE.
STUDENTS should download Student Square for their phone and log in with their my.cuhsd.org email address. 
This short video will help you in the registration process.